Evil Incarnate at Hamilton Labour Day Classic, Mon. Sept. 7

:roll: :roll:

Wide open Toliver found for another nice gain, in FG range again!

ANOTHER HUGE gain by Toliver!!!

Powder Blue is such a Gurley colour...... fitting!!

Zach runs 8 yards on 2nd and 10, Mathews gets the FD.

Make that steam whistle go off again!

Time for another TD here guys Keep that red zone efficiency going!! :thup: :thup: :thup:

Zach was in on that 2nd and 1 play? Not Mathews? Ah well, 1st and goal!

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 1m1 minute ago #Ticats are just eviscerating the #Argos defence right now. Lots of hands on hips on the Toronto side.

Money..adds to the lead!!

10-1 Cats!!

Grigsby loses ground, Coates dives for toss intended for him, but cannot get it.

About 90 yards gained on that drive, but it ends with FG. 10-1 for the good guys.

Nice try by Coates but NO TD. :frowning: Positive - Long drive INTO the wind taking time away from the powder blue guys having the ball WITH the wind. :smiley: :thup: :thup:

Hi folks! Took me a while to get my Rod Blackless audio happening. LOL

A good point from Milton:

steve milton ?@miltonatthespec 7m7 minutes ago #Argos secondary not up to job at the moment. They need more pressure to make it work. #CFL #Ticats
Zach has been protected well, one reason for this stat:
Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 3m3 minutes ago #Ticats @ZCollaros7 with a cool 140 yards passing in Q1. #Argos #LDWeekend #CFL
We get 10-1 lead... against the wind.

Have to agree that was an awesome attempt at a shuttle pass by Zach, your receiver should of had it.
The reason my Argos should have kept him.

Not hard to see why Austin calls passes so much more often than runs.

Blue D is already tired. Time to unleash Grigsby and run the ball down their throats.


Hi Russ. You may not believe this but Black hasn't yet mentioned that Tasker is related to a certain other guy named Tasker yet. :slight_smile:

They lose a yard, and Harris throws incomplete pass. Two and out!

Punt blocked! We start in FG range... another scoring drive coming up?!

Blew team D looking like they are defeated already!!

That was the 3rd punt block by King this year?

It sounds like it has been confirmed that McPherson is #2 on the depth chart.

Two FDs so far, but get the TD this time!