Evil Incarnate at Hamilton Labour Day Classic, Mon. Sept. 7

Ray might go in?

Matthew Scianitti ?@TSNScianitti 1m1 minute ago Hamilton, Ontario Trevor Harris is getting his right knee looked at by #Argos staff #CFL


Is Rod Black ill or something? He didn't tell us who Luke Tasker's father is. . .

So far so good and they are in the red zone. TD TOLIVER!!!

That TD was way too easy, I see our D backs are covering as per norm.


Toliver TD!

Hopefully the first of many times that steam whistle goes off today!

Nice drive!


I think heard that Ray is #3 - #2 is McPherson, Adrrian

Much to our delight! :wink: :smiley:

Good on the Kack attack.

Almost got that one back too

That may be true. Ray may be rusty.

But Harris is still in now.

#Ticats @ZCollaros7 REALLY fired up after that TD throw. Didn't like the hit after the play.
Hmmm, that could lead to nastiness...

Nice to see that all the flags are going to the powder blue guys - holding :smiley:

Glad to see that the D is back on their game after the loss to the larks. Time for another stop to get these guys off the field.

Too bad two complete passes after that got them FD.

But good job by Murray breaking that up to force 3rd down.

Rico Swataway!

Laurent what a cheater!



Looks like we took our first DUMB penalty of the game to drive the team WAY back to the goal line.

Way to go Sink!!!HUGE gain - 48 yds

Wow! 48 yard gain after pass to Sinkfield! Why was he a healthy scratch earlier this year? :slight_smile: