Evil Incarnate at Gang Green GT, Sat Jul 26, 10 pm et

Sat July 26
Toronto at Saskatchewan
10 pm et/7 pm pt

The second half of Saturday’s TSN CFL doubleheader is clear: Go Green! :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,



1 toss.. 1 pick!!!!

GO RIDERS!!!!!!!!!!

The cherry for tonight would be Toronto tanking it by 30… :smiley:

Cur the pick!

TD DURANT!!!!!!!!

Well they are well on their way to tanking it!!! :smiley:

Ray sacked!!!




Green ball, I think!

TD FORD!!!!!

Korey who????

Fixed for Russ.....lol

Why do they talk about Dressler missing as if he is on the IR and not on an NFL team??? :roll:

Riders with another TD off a Ricky Ray fumble. What ever happened to the “perfect” Ray??? :roll: :smiley: Or is their O line that bad??

Argos look like the deer in the headlights....

Toronto's D was bulldozed there! WOW!

14-0 Green.

That would be Kory Sheets, HTD. From a Raider fan. LOL

Pffft...Arghos look like the deer is the tail lights...


And we wonder why games are lasting too long these days. Ray fumbles but is ruled down. About 25-30 seconds later just before the Argos are about to punt the Riders challenge. About 2 minutes passed after that before the ref announces the call is being overturned. And THEN TSN goes for a two minute commercial break. About 5 minutes between snaps.


Thanks Captain Buzzkill

Can we not just enjoy the Argho thumping?????

I figured I would tee this up...maybe Bartel will punt by the fourth quarter. :wink:

Hey Half - 5 minutes between plays is the ultimate buzz kill. :stuck_out_tongue:

For you maybe... I'm enjoying the Blew team getting thumped!

Oh I love seeing them get thumped - much more than five minutes of no opportunity for them to get thumped - because no football is being played!