Evil Incarnate at Gang Green Game Thread, Oct. 27, 4 pm et.

Argonauts at Riders (TSN)
Today at 4pm et/1pm pt
Also available on TSN Mobile TV

Can the Riders do their part to make it a second-place showdown in T.O. next week?

We shall see!

Oski Wee Wee,


Kickoff is imminent.


Oh no, the Riders are wearing their white helmets...we're so screwed....

I did not want to acknowledge this... LOL

7-0 Evil after the Ray-to-Mann hookup.

Ray-to-Durie and it's 14-0 for Biped Putrescence.

14-3 Evil after DeAngelis's FG for the Riders.

Kory Sheets -- unstoppable! WOW! 14-10 Evil now...

14-13 Evil after Sandro hits another FG.

21-16 Evil at the half.

How does one miss a 17-yard FG???? Ugh -- I had a 2010 DeAngelis flashback. 21-17 now.

Toronto scores on a huge Ray-to-Owens strike. 28-17...

Green making a game of it!

TD RIDERS!!!!!!!!

Dressler snags the dart from Durant...the two-pointer is no good. 28-26 now.

2Pt attempt fails.. Riders trail by 2

Mr. Stuck At Work is home? LOL

lol...nope. .still at work

just winding down the day now

Mo Mann with the highlight...drop.

DeAngelis is gonna ef this up for us.. FOR SURE!!!!

Owens runs out another DeAngelis FG miss...still 28-26 for Evil.