Evil Incarnate at Eeks, Sat. Sept. 28, 9 pm et

Sat September 28
Toronto at Edmonton
9 pm et/6 pm et

More on Evil being Owens-less this game at http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=432828 . I hope Edmonton can must the upset, but...

We shall see.

Oski Wee Wee,


Thanks Russ,

Lets see a smokeshow from the Reilly and the EEEEE's tonight, blows have no miracles tonight! 8)

Shmoes driving early but fail to capitalize on their first drive, Shaw with a 50 yard punt for the single,

1-0 EEEEE's

We sure didn’t help our cause with lousy play so here`s hoping that the EEs can keep the Argos from making history with their 4th road win!!

NICE sack on Collaros - Way to go EEs!!!

EEE’s win tonight, and we beat the blows back to back in the next two weeks and we sit first in the east having the early tie breaker!

Lets Go EEEES!!! :thup:

TD Chambers puts the EEs up (with convert) 8-1!!

How the EF do you call that a desperation throw.. that was a GREAT chuck by Reilly!!

EEE's win tonight, and we beat the blows back to back in the next two weeks and we sit first in the east having the early tie breaker!

Beating the blows back 2 back is easier said than done - especially with the way the Ticats are playing the last two games!!!

Waters in to kick the FG and misses his 2nd of the night!! At least the Blew won`t be outkicking us next week!!

8-2 EEs!

Looks like Reilly is out with a suspected concussion OUCH!! Joseph in for the Schmoes!!

Got to hand it to Joseph - he is keeping the EEs offense moving TD Stamps!!! Thanks Eskies!! :slight_smile:

Stamps with the Try,

15-1 EEEES

Just noticed on the reply that Stamps beat Colclough on that TD catch!!

Collaros puts a decent drive together but is intercepted near the EEs goal line! YES! Maybe life on the road is getting to the Boatmen - finally!!

He touched that.... this call needs to be overturned!

BS.... EE just got ripped off!!

Poetic Justice on the sack!

Didn`t think they should they be calling no yards on that play when he fumbled the catch and the EEs eventually recovered it - guess they thought the ball didn't touch him. Challenge denied and Blew ball!
Eeks doing a good job of sacking Collaros though! :slight_smile: 3 minute warning!

Watching the slow motion on one angle and following the ball trajectory, if he hadn't touched the ball it would have hit the ground within a foot or two of his feet. It hit the ground much farther behind than it would have. Not surprised Jake screwed that up, must have failed science in school.

Coehoorn can't quite hang on the that bomb of a pass from KJ but manages to snag the 2nd one!