Evil Incarnate at Edmonton GT, Friday, August 28, 8:30 pm et

Wendy's Friday Night Football
Toronto Argonauts vs. Edmonton Eskimos
Fri 8:30PM ET / 5:30PM PT on TSN1, TSN3, TSN4 and TSN5

Edmonton should be out for blood after laying an egg in last week's demolition by the Tabbies at Commonwealth Stadium. Toronto will look to stay atop the East by winning. I am looking forward to watching James Franklin make his first CFL start at QB for the Esks as well.

Oski Wee Wee,


Well the EE got the Boatmen off the field after only three plays - much faster than they did with the Ticats last week. I think they are out for blood here - if they don't kill themselves with penalties.

11-8 for Edmonton at the half.

I only saw parts of the first half of this one. I did see how the Edmonton D must be doing a great job covering the Toronto receivers with those coverage sacks. I also saw an FG attempt from Waters not even come close to the uprights. But that blue team did get a TD late in the second half and I think this could easily go either way.

And so far it does look like Franklin is the answer at QB for Edmonton.

The cardiac kids will strike again, we got the Esks where we want them in the second half.

Will they come form behind again? We'll just have to wait and see.

Second half on now.

Impressive Edmonton drive, but it ended with Shaw getting a field goal that was less challenging than a convert.

14-8 Edmonton.

Nice deep pass got EDM into FG range but they got no further. Shaw gets 32 yard FG.

17-8 Edmonton.

After PI in end zone then 1st attempt putting in in did not succeed, McPherson drops back to throw TD pass when it looked like that would not succeed for them.

17-15 Edmonton at the end of the 3rd quarter.

Ticat castoff Kendial Lawrence with the punt return TD!

24-15 Edmonton.

Good return by Kendial Lawrence followed by good EDM drive that ended with nice TD pass to double-covered receiver.

31-15 Edmonton with less than five minutes left.

31-15 Edmonton, Yes!!

If that last EDM TD did not seal the win, I'd think that Harris armpunt that was returned within the Toronto 20 should!

And after the INT, Lynch in for QB and he puts it in for the TD!

38-15 Esks.

So Edmonton bounces back after getting blown out. Just what we wanted considering who the opponents were.

The Labour Day game will be between two teams looking to bounce back after disappointing performances and first place in their division will be on the line.

Figured that the EE would bounce back and I think the Ticats will too. Argos managed to keep it close until the Lawrence punt return TD which seemed to swing momentum to the EE for the remainder of the game. Going to be up to the Ticats to put some separation between us and the Blue guys down the road with a LD win.

Argos and Ticats both have identical records of 6 wins, 3 losses.

However, the point differential is: Ticats +133, Argos -7. When they lose, they lose big.

(Unfortunately, that also means they have figured out how to win close games - something our team still needs to master.)