Evil Incarnate at Calgary GT, Mon. July 13, 8:30 pm et, TSN

Toronto Argonauts vs. Calgary Stampeders
Mon 8:30PM ET / 5:30PM PT on TSN1, TSN3, TSN4 and TSN5

I don't like Mondays. And now, Evil is on Monday night. LOL

Nonetheless, it will make for a good summer evening of gridiron action -- hope to see some of you here!

Oski Wee Wee,


Guess no one is watching except a Ticats fan here in Regina cheering for the Stamps to beat down the Blew team! :smiley:
So far so good - just scored their third TD! :smiley:

All the action's on CFL Chat.

That's where I've been - but I always check in here first :slight_smile: