Evil Incarnate at BC GT, Fri. July 24, 10 pm, TSN

Toronto Argonauts at BC Lions
Friday, July 24
10 pm et / 7 pm pt
TSN 1,3,4,5

Evil invades the Lions’ den! This finale to the Friday CFL doubleheader ought to be a good game. I am interested in how the BC no-huddle offense fares against Toronto. Andrew Harris will be a key guy for BC if he gets enough touches to get revved up!

Oski Wee Wee,


The nest game of the doubleheader tonight is on tap!

And the Leos strike first with a nice TD by Harris. :smiley: Counting on BC to not let me down like Calgary did.
Blew player sown on the play as well - Hawkins.

The Lions drive down the field and Harris caps it with a TD run -- 7-0 BC, first quarter.

Trevor Harris throws pick #2 tonight and BC is in business!

Lulay to Harris and BC scores another major! 14-0 BC now.

Liking that score!! :smiley:

Must have missed the first pick! Harris will be killing his great stats if he keeps tossing the ball to the guys in orange! :smiley:

Harris is, well, coming through. LOL 3 TDs...21-0 BC. Toronto is reeling!

Harris hits Elliott for a big TD for Evil -- 21-7 BC now.

Toronto has tied the game at 27-all...late in the fourth quarter, they have the ball in FG range.

Toronto has taken a 30-27 lead and BC has turned the ball over...it is ovah!

It’s weird to watch a game and hear about Tedford and Collie. I’m getting flashbacks to the mid-1980s.

were in last, Ottawa , TO have winning records, we dont

Harris keeps playing like that until Labour day. It will be a big mistake to put a stone cold Ricky Ray back in charge.

Milanovich, being a former quarterback, would understand this situation well. But, yes, he does have a difficult decision to make.

Is Harris' contract up after this season? If so, he could go free agent on them and some other lucky team will get a starter courtesy of the blew team developmental program.

With Ray having these injuries over the last couple of years, along with his age (35), you have to start to wonder how long to stay with the veteran and when you do start to look to the future?

They went through that once already with Collaros and survived it.

Luck has a way of running out.