Evil Empire's "Home Field Advantage"

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Visitors will be seeing green and gold

The Edmonton Eskimos have already put in motion the latest edition of the mind games played in the CFL.

Quietly during the off-season, the Esks decided to paint the visiting locker-room with the very distinctive green and gold colours.

The majority of each locker is now green with the seat being a bright yellow.

“This is home,” said Edmonton Eskimos head coach Danny Maciocia yesterday afternoon.

“We are in Edmonton and this is Commonwealth (Stadium) - everything should be in green and gold.”

While Eskimos equipment manager Dwayne Mandrusiak didn’t come out and say it, he is likely one of the people behind the move - which is bound to immediately get their attention and bother visiting players.

The Eskimos have also changed other parts of their bunker underneath the south end of Commonwealth Stadium.

The old post-game media interview room has been turned into the coaches’ change room while another portion of that room has become Bill Macdermott’s office for advance scouting.

The old coaches’ change room is now a dressing room for Mandrusiak’s staff.

Post-game interviews will now be done in one section of the Eskimos’ large meeting room.

If they really wanted to throw off the visiting team, they’d paint their locker room enitrely in the “gold” of the Eskies’ 3rd jersey. “I’m blinded! I can’t see!” :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there an Issue?

Home field, should be an advantage.

and reminding teams where they are is fine.

having Natural Grass is Genius considering the advantage Edmonton gets from it.
No other team is near Ready for it.
Probably 1 Edmonton win each year comes from the Natural Grass.

Stupid Eskimos …

....now now Kev....barnes is right, home feild should gain you every advantage you can....a visiting team should know they are stepping into hostile territory....I doubt paint colour is going to change a team's demeanor, but you never know.....

.....reminds me of a story in the NHL, can't remember who said it, I think it was Sather, but someone lodged a complaint against the league office in the playoffs against Scotty Boman saying he had instructed Joe Louis Arena staff to paint the visitors dressing room the night before a game....when the visiting team showed up that morning their room reeked of paint fumes.....Scotty was aghast, saying their intention was only to be gracious hosts and spruce up the room for their guests, with a sly wink......

.....ah, home field/ice advantage.....

Remember the god-awful jerseys that the Vancouver Canucks used to wear? They were ones designed by psychologists to distract the opponent because of the colours and the colour scheme. It really never helped them any, just as painting a locker in team colours shouldn't-- a professional player or team will treat like it should be treated- just as gamesmanship by the team that does it.

The O'Henry bars on ice, hard to believe the old blue and green with hockey stick is back.

As for the Eskimos, paint whatever you like, whatever color they like. If they ain't got the horses on the filed this year it ain't gonna matter.

Actually, piggy, I was referring to the black(road) and yellow(home) jerseys with the big "V" across the front of it. They were easily the worst jerseys Ive ever seen any professional team wear, other than the Raptors first purple jerseys , which someone described as "electric puke".. :lol: :lol:

I remember one Canuck ----I think it was Bobby Schmautz ---saying that the Halloween outfits had a slight negative impact on him. He always felt a sense of pride hauling on a Boston Bruin jersey and what the emblem represented. When he put on the Canuck jersey it was about how ugly it was and ridiculous he felt in it.

As for home field advantages, a number of new baseball stadiums are designed in a way that the home team can see the visitor's bullpen but not vice versa, or the opponents bullpen is located in the traditionally rowdiest sections of the outfield bleachers.

Barnes what advantage! Both teams play on it! :lol: :lol:

...looks like the Bombers may have to bring some BigBlue spray paint....and make it look a little more like home.....blue n gold...yup ...i like that better... :wink: :lol:

Aaahhhhhh, so that's been the missing ingredient for the BB's, eh? Leave it to the Eskimos to show you how to win your first Grey Cup in 17 years. Just paint your visiting team's locker room! Oh, and a quarterback that is better than Kevin Glenn, couldn't hurt either.

Totally agree. Home field means just that!

They would be happy with just a QB. They are the QB grave yard are they not.

AD in the Winnipeg Sun:


They can paint the visitor's dressing room whatever colour they want, I still just hate the eskimos ...

And I doubt it will do anything to the visiting team. If anything, maybe it will rile them up some more - seeing all that green and gold is enough to get anyone pissed off ...

So long as we don't have to hear anymore excuses about the grass being an "unfair" advantage. What a lame loser excuse!!!

PLEASE don't remind us of those! They were a joke! :cry:

I'm not sure what or if there is an issue here, that is why it is called a "home field advantage". If a team feels something will give them a slight edge, why not, although I doubt the colour of the walls will provide any edge at all.

I wouldn't be surprized to find that other visiting dressing rooms our painted in the home team colours. Maybe everyone could drop in and check their home and away dressing rooms and report back. I'm don't remember what colour the visitors dressing room is here in Calgary but I wouldn't be at all surprized if there is red involved.

This is a non-issue but feel free to come up with something real to whine about.

I agree now had they painted the vistors locker room pink that might be an issue. Dam I gave them an idea! :cry:

That is a very good idea. I remember a number of years ago the Stamps staff put the white jerseys in the wash with the red and the colours ran. The Stamps had to play one game with pink jerseys. Don't know if anyone else is old enough to remember that.

Pink is the Stamps colour…