Evil Empire vs. Montreal(pre-game discussion)

Esks123 even though we are on opposite sides in this thing, I think your comments are bang on. Similar to what I posted as to how the Als can win. I agree if your guys are to win, those 4 factors are crucial....and they do sort of mirror my comments. CBC should hire us as analysts!!

P.S......I may sound like a broken record on this, but it's "receiving CORPS", not "receiving core"!!!!!!

Don't forget Lapointe and maybe Jonas Lewis! and Montreal better not forget Davis!

Agree... if maciocia sticks with Ray and its close in the 4 th quarter Als win..if he sends in Maas could be lights out for Montreal unless Cavillo can match there firepower then its a shootout and anyones game.

So really not only does it depend on Edm QB's but obviously Cavillo as well.