Evil Empire vs. Montreal(pre-game discussion)

This game looks like its going to be a great re-match of the two previous grey cup encounters between the two this decade. I think it will be a very close game, and will be decided by one TD or less. Hopefully, the Esks will be able to recover from their many "key" injuries to starters. Prediction: EDM 30, MON 28

Your thoughts?

The winner of the Grey Cup will depend on the QB for the Esks.

ESKS in a blow out...............

Most games have been close all season, the Al's beating the Esk by a hair would be a great way to finsh off the season.

I'd like to point out two things that played a big role in the Als going to the Grey Cup:

  1. In two playoffs games, the birds NEVER turned the ball over. How's that for winning the turnover battle?

  2. In spite of being the most penalized team in 2005 regular season, the Als played very disciplined football all through the playoffs.

If they can keep on securing the ball and staying focused on not getting costly calls against, they will be tough to beat. I do hope they don't forget that's what brought them to BC.

One other thing Calvillo seems to have completley gotten over his big game jitters that plagued him in the past.He wont have another game with 13 straight incompletions. He has been very accurate with his passes and has not forced himself to be the end all and be all. yesterday it was lapointe that helped a lot and the week before cahoon. Other than early in the game when he couldnt complete a pass he looked very poised and that could be hte difference assuming the don doesnt decide to start two rookie corners

mada7, I was going to make the same crack about starting two rookie corners, but you beat me to the punch. :slight_smile:

In any case, our starting corners (Bell and Crutchfield) had better play the game of their lives. I'm not worried about Bell so much, but Crutchfield scares me, and I'm sure Macioca is going to try to get Tucker in a matchup against him. I still think Curry would be a better choice to start, but hey, what do I know?

I also agree about Calvillo becoming cooler under pressure. Maybe it's because he's been under the gun all season long to score on each drive, due to the defence being ineffective. Whatever the case, he seems calm and collected behind centre, even when things aren't going his way. He needs to be patient against the Esks and not try to force a big play that isn't there. West Coast offense is the way to go: control the ball, wait for the DBs to get lazy or impatient, and only then, burn them with the deep ball.

I"m also counting on Terry Vaughn to have a big game against his old team. You know he's got to be driven to show them what a mistake they made trading him away.

The eskimos are the one team I am not worried about how crutchfield will play I remember when he signed with us one of hte first things he said was "when I was with the eskimos the als were the enemy now the eskimos are my enemy" I think he will have a big game if he is matched up on tucker he had to cover him in practice for years he knows what Tucker will try. Not to mention maciocia cant win the big game

Just like you, I think Curry is better than Crutchfield. But next Sunday, I want to see Crutchfield on the field and Curry on the bench. Our defense played really good these last two games. Don't touch it. If this is the combination of players we need, so be it.

As for Crutchfield, this gives him the opportunity to become more appreciated.

When the season started, I was not sold at all on Kerry Watkins. It pained me to see Calvillo throw this much to him. As of now, I am not worried anymore when Calvillo aims at #81. Watkins earned my respect.

Now let's hope Crutchfield does just that. I will gladly cheer and applause any of his big plays, should he do some.

The third Grey Cup meeting in four years between these two teams. This should be very entertaining.

I was kind of hoping Montreal would win because I found the Argos really boring to watch this year.

In that case, how badly would have your Argo's faired against the Evil Empire?

Montreal in a very close, hard fought, entertaining battle.

Go Riders!!...... next year.
Go Montreal...... next week.

I think it will a high scoring close game. 38-32?

in my opinion, I think the refs were paid yesterday cuz they gave way too many penalties to the Al's.

Agreed 100%. I wasn't advocating that we tinker with team chemistry and bench Crutchfield for the most important game of the year. I do wish that Curry had stayed in the lineup the whole season, but we can't turn back the clock. For better or worse, Crutchfield is the guy at the corner position. Hopefully he'll rise to the occasion.

When the season started, I was not sold at all on Kerry Watkins. It pained me to see Calvillo throw this much to him. As of now, I am not worried anymore when Calvillo aims at #81. Watkins earned my respect.
I've had the same reaction to Watkins. He didn't impress me at all last season in limited play time -- dropped too many passes and his routes weren't great, plus at under 6 feet he isn't the largest target on the planet. And even at the beginning of this year, I really didn't think he had what it took to be our go-to guy. Well, at 1400 receiving yards, Mr. Watkins has made me eat my words.
Now let's hope Crutchfield does just that. I will gladly cheer and applause any of his big plays, should he do some.
Right on. No one will be happier than me if Crutchfield has an incredible game and I am forced again to eat my words.

Did you guys watch Curry play this year at all??? Sure he had a couple of interceptions, but they were more bad plays by the QBs than anything he did. And don't get me wrong, I was a DB my whole life, and DBs tend to be my favorite players, and after last year, there may not have been a bigger Curry fan in Montreal than me. But this year he has looked worse than oridnary. Especially in the game against Saks at Molson stadium. He got murdered by Richardson. I think the reason Curry looked so good last year was the Montreal pass rush, which forced QBs into a lot of bad throws.
On the flip side, I hated the Crutchfield signing. I really didn't think he had what it took to be a good DB. And early in the season, he seemed to prove me right. But in the second half of the season, he's gotten better almost every game. He's big enough to play physical on the receivers, which is something we always lacked in the past. I though he played well against Sask two weeks ago, and I though yesterday was his best game of the season. As long as he keeps the intensity and the focus up where it was yesterday, he'll do fine.

We need three things to beat Edmonton:

  1. The defence has to step up again; keep throwing that pressure defence in to keep Ray/Maas off balance....it'll also help to make the DBs job easier;

  2. Calvillo must retain his poise; he can expect a lot more pressure than he saw from the Argos. Balance the run with the pass just like the 2nd half against Toronto.

  3. Offensive line has to play the game of their lives..if they can hold Montford and company off (which the Lions sure couldn't do), we can win this thing.

Didn't you say that the Esks "aren't that good", not so long ago?

The winningest team of the last decade (regular season) will beat the 2nd winningest team of the last decade 31-26.

Sorry, Als' fans, your team has had nice November renaissance, but Edmonton is just too good.. from Dwayne Mandrusiak on up to Dick Ray/Jason Maas, Hughie Campbell, the whole organization is pre-disposed to excellence. Even on those rare occasions when the lose, they are still the better team...
And this team will only get better - any free-agent worth his jockstrap will want to play in Edmonton.. their scouting (Paul Jones et al) is simply without peer...
Get ready for another 5 in a row... at a minimum..

Keys to Eskimo victory.

  1. Keep Ray on a short leash... again...
  2. Pressure on Calvillo from defensive line.
  3. Esks secondary has to step it up to compete vs. Montreal's receiving corps.
  4. Contain Landry! He hasn't done much lately but his big game of the season was vs. the Esks. It was after Landry's missed fg return that sent fleming into his slump, and some believe he got psyched out by that return. Let's hope it doesn't affect Fleming's field goal kicking ability.