Evil Empire FTW!!!

haw haw haw haw EE stands for EVIL EMPIRE haw haw haw haw

(29-18 win!)

7-0 Alouettes.....14 - 0 now!!!!!

CRUSH those riders and defend the East!!!!

rider recivers playing droppsys

Not all of them.....mostly French.....go figure.....two in a row on the last possession.....

riders taking to many penaltys

.....Riders gettin' walked over.....

21-0...GO ALS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

well i think its pretty safe to say we'll be see'ing Greene in the second half.

.....it can't hurt.....Crandell has been ineffective.....

LMAO!!!! Calgary is too hot to be stopped right now.

CGY 34 EDM 24

GO STAMPS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

riders played a good second half taking what the als gave them
just wasnt goodenough