"Everything Will Be Alright"???....No, not the Killers song

I don't know if anyone else has noticed an alarming trend in the "post game" and "lead up to game day" philosophy by the Lions' coaches and players. That philosophy, quite simply put is that "Everything Will Be Alright" and that, much like the Canucks of the last 5 to 10 years, "Let's just stick with the Status Quo". I'd like to break this philosophy down with each facet of the team and hope others on this forum can shed some light about why the coaches and players are card-carrying members of the Optimism Club.

First, "Everything Will Be Alright" on OFFENSE...
This phrase must be tattooed all over Jacques Chapdelaine's body. Why else would he continue to run this non-productive "Jet Sweep" play that mindlessly removes receivers from their normal positions, turns them in to running backs and bring them ALL the way across the field only to get stuffed after a 1-yard gain. Why not try it on "3rd and 1"...that'll fool everyone..Won't it?? Why else would he continue to "Bubble Screen" to Andrew Harris thinking that (tee hee hee) it's somehow going to fool the defense. Why else would he just let Lulay sit there in the pocket rather than have him roll out to see receivers downfield. He runs the same old plays game after game thinking that somehow "Everything Will Be Alright" and these plays must, gosh-darn, start to work sometime...{Thinking to himself "Those receivers just need to execute those patterns better"}. Why else, and if anyone on this Forum has been out to the Lions practice facility, does Jacques continue to run "Hitch" pattern after "Hitch" pattern throughout the whole practice. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL JACQUES THAT HE'S NOT...REPEAT NOT FOOLING ANYBODY. Then again, he NEVER answers for his transgressions as an Offensive Coordinator because Wally seems to have some sort of Man-Crush on him. I suppose Wally believes "Everything Will Be Alright" on offense too. Also, I can't believe that "The Moj" on the TEAM 1040 post-game yesterday actually said to a caller that he feels Jacques works hard and "does his homework to prepare his offense for upcoming games" at the Surrey practice facility. Really? I'd LOVE to be a "fly on the wall" and watch just what exactly he spends his time doing. Can ANYONE on this board tell me what evidence from games this season would actually qualify Jacques for "Good offensive preparation". Maybe it's all those baseball-like signals Jacques likes to use on the sideline during games. Perhaps those signals are actually Sign Language for "Hey, Everything Will Be Alright. Just trust me."

Second, "Everything Will Be Alright" with our DEFENSIVE BACKS...
Who else could I start with here other than J.R. Larose. Again, Mike Benevides and Rich Stubler must be convinced that "Everything Will Be Alright" with Larose at the Safety position. Yes, there IS other Defensive Backs on the roster that one could try at that position. To put it bluntly, I would like even one person on this board to suggest another team in the CFL that would sign Larose if the Lions cut him tomorrow. Yes, he IS truly that "out of it" when either being asked to read the play, make a tackle or ACTUALLY get ONE interception in his career. Sadly, Larose is starting to make that {gasp!} Tad Crawford, who we all thought had to be the most useless Safety in the history of football period, look good. How much film and mental preparation does this guy do. Arguably, it's the most important Defensive Back and/or the most critical DB. He's certainly SUPPOSED to be the last line of defense. Sadly, he's just last and not there. Can someone please ask Arland Bruce what he thinks of Larose. Oh, that's right, Bruce couldn't ask him because Larose wasn't where he was supposed to be to cover Bruce when he torched Ryan Phillips last night. And where was he on the last play "Hail Mary" ?? News reports from today said that the Lions were trying to take away Intermediate passing routes knowing that Sean Whyte had a good leg. Was Larose covering Bruce on one of those "intermediate routes" on that play or just grabbing some water on the sideline while the play was going on? Speaking of that Long Bomb, Dante Marsh also subscribes to "Everything Will Be Alright". The way he preaches this philosophy is by CONSTANTLY giving the receiver a 7 to 8 yard cushion believing that if his man has a pass thrown his way he can break on the ball. In reality, Marsh rarely seems to get there in time and ends up allowing big yardage with the cushion he gives. Ryan Phillips seems to think "Everything Will Be Alright" with how SOFT he plays. When was the last time anyone on this board saw Phillips lay a big hit or make a great wrap-up tackle? You could argue that Cord Parks and Josh Bell have also shown that they're SOFT and lagging behind the play. How many dropped balls by the opposing teams have let Parks and Bell "off the hook" when they should have been playing their man much, much closer than they do. Are the Lions DBs just getting too old to properly cover receivers or have other teams' receivers and offensive coordinators figured out how to burn them well?? Oh yeah, there's no problem with them..."Everything Will Be Alright" and they won't get torched again like Arland Bruce did for almost 150 to 200 yards SINGLE-HANDEDLY.

Last, "Everything Will Be Alright" says Mike Benevides along with other players...after games. I believe his post-game comments, the EXACT same comments after the Week 1 loss in Calgary, the loss in Toronto and now the loss yesterday, that "Everyone on this team, NOT just one person, needs to take ownership of the loss. We did some things and need to improve in others. We just need to have a better week of practice and that'll fix everything. Yada-yada-yada" He never expands on any one area and beats around the bush when asked about certain players like if Lulay is playing up to his potential and needs to perhaps be swapped out for DeMarco at QB periodically. This "lah-dee-dah" approach seems to rub off on the team. His players say "They're disappointed and not playing up to their potential"...CONSTANTLY. Yet, when it comes time for the next game, they continue to play a lot of the same way and make the same mistakes. I also say this because, and I don't think it's just me, the Lions, even during their 5 wins, have look unprepared, uninspired and somewhat lucky at times to get those 5 wins. Seriously, have the Lions DOMINATED in even 1 game this season??

Sadly, I know there's some card-carrying Optimism Club members on this board who will also continue to sing a duet of the "Everything Will Be Alright" song with the team and believe there's nothing more than minor tinkering to be done with this team. Isn't it time though for the team to start singing "Everything's Not Right" and change the philosophy they portray to the public??

I think your expectations are unrealistic. In today's CFL, you shouldn't expect to dominate teams more than once in a while. You still have five wins and a winning record. All teams go through slumps or even extended periods when other teams are scouting and attacking them successfully.

Chapdelaine and Stubler both have Grey Cup rings as DCs. They didn't get to where they are by being hacks.

Voice of reason- I agree with everything you said- Brilliant post-

Benevides is not a PRO COACH- He is a D coordinator- He does not know enough about offense and clock management and when to go for it on 3rd and short,--- Benevides is a minor football coach like Surrey RAMS at best-

CHAPS is the worst coordinator in the CFL- His offense is terrible- It does not work vs pressure- He is relying on the other team rushing 3 to 4 guys which most teams dont, they actualy send pressure- The Chaps offense hasnt changed in 10 years and it only works if the other team has no pass rush-
Chaps panics and has no adjustments at half time- He really does not understand the current CFl game--

Jr Larose is the worst player in the CFl period- He is total crap just like Muamba was- Why they cant find a competent football player at SAFETY is beyond me- There are millions of good import safeties and even canadian ones in the draft like MIKE EDEM MATT BLACK-- Wally does not understand the safety position--

ABout the complaceny attitude- I think there is a little bit of a love affair Old Boys Network going on in the SECONDARY- There is absolutely NO WAY that the LIONS cannot find better DBs than both PHILLIPS and MARSH- BUt it seems like they have unlimited JOB SECURITY because they are familiar with the system- Despite the fact that both of these guys are horrible cover guys and get burned every time when they are covering people-
They look good when they play WInnipeg or other struggling teams, but when they play anyone good they get burned-

The 2011 Grey Cup team was not a great team either- YA they won that CUp but they were 1-7 and they came back to win it at all- That says a lot about the LACK OF COMPETITION that season- Oh yeah we played the WInnipeg Blue clowns in the FINAL-- WInnipeg was losing like 10 of thier last 12 games that season and have not recovered yet- LULAY did nothing that season impressive to me--

A lot of players think they are a little too good- Andrew Harris is real cocky despite the fact that the league is going to put him in the unemployment line soon- His skinny body is not going to last playing with the big boys- He is not a PRO runningback- He is not heavy enough- Plain and simple-- Look at CORNISH- He runs with power and upright and attacking- Harris runs like he is running on ICE- Always hesitating and shuffling his feet going nowhere- HE is not the player poeple think he is-
Afew big hits he will start to be basically useless because his body is not built for the long season --

This is what I always knew- BENEVIDES and CHAPS and STUBLER are not smart- They will get outcoached badly vs other smart coaching staffs like CALGARY TORONTO SASKatchewan- Even Montreal outcoached the hell out of this mickey mouse staff--

I think in reality the following players if CUT by the LIons would not be claimed by another team- Ryan Phillips, Marsh, jr Larose, Josh Bell, Brandon Jordan, the ENTIRE O LINE except for Olifaoy-

I also think it was pretty clear from a QB standpoint that MIKE REILLY was the better passer- LULAY is smoke and mirrors, he rode a hot defense to a title- His stats stink- His accuracy is wild- his decision making is poor- his saving grace is his 1 GREY CUP TITLE which was a total FLUKE- Now since he is starting to be discovered as a FRAUD he is smart- All he does is says positive things like " Yeah we are going to practice and iron out the kinks and work hard" Or as a team we have to come together and fix this and look forward to the next game" Blah Balah Blah--

It wont take long to realize that LULAY cant get it done- Just look at him- He has the worst footwork in the entire league- He cant throw deep- He has no touch- He has no ability to look off anyone- He stares right where he is throwing the ball--

I will guarantee you 1 thing- There is no way that this BC team will ever BEAT CALGARY in the playoffs- There is no way that BENEVIDES wil be able to beat a HUFFNAGEL DICKENSON coached team--
How the Stamps lost to these Lions last week is beyond me- Stamps are a much better team than the LIons- They will show the Lions next time they play-