Everything that could go wrong DID go wrong....almost...

Williams drops a TD pass – 7 pts
Glenn misses Williams for a TD — 14 pts
Montreal is given a TD on a bad replay reversal and interference call – 21 pts
Delay of game and missed FG – 24 pts…

Lopsided penalties in Montreal’s favour (surprise)…

BUT…the Cats play next week…

They refused to lose.

Championship character.

Hard to disagree with this.

This victory did show me that Cats can win despite giving up very close to 6oo yards in offense.
Avon cobourn is a true warrior .
Quinton Porter erased any doubt that he is our QB of the future. We didn't miss a beat when he subbed in for an injured Glenn and made MB look like a genious for the 2 QB system he went with in the last 3 games.
I also think we need Stevie bags in there to create some havoc, the keyed on Hickman and he was very average.
The interior d linemen also played well.
I think they have a very realistic chance at being in the Grey Cup.

I agree, Stevie needs to be in there next week.

For everyone saying that he hasn't had an impact this season is crazy! 5 sacks and getting double coverage so Hickman can get 13 sacks is an impact if you ask me.

"Championship character" is the best way to put it. They could have folded and no one would have been surprised; instead they fought through the adversity and pulled out a hard-fought and deserved win.

I see no reason why this team cannot go into Winnipeg and win. No one thought they could go into Montreal and win, but they did. It won't be easy, but it won't be impossible either.

I dunno, I can think of about a dozen other things that could have gone wrong. (fumbles, blocked punts, injuries, etc.)

Pretty well-executed game, I'd say.

Not so much on defence. But neither Buck Pierce nor Alex Brink are Anthony Calvillo. And none of their receivers are Jamel Richardson, who seemed to mezmerize our defenders and allow other guys to make some big plays. Next week we play against mortals.

Had things turned out differently, I can barely imagine having to go through an entire off-season knowing that the time-count on the last-second FG cost us the game.

Makes you wonder about how the Saskatchewan fans dealt with that too-many-men penalty in the 2009 Grey Cup.