Everyone's Favorite Grey Cup Opponent

Rider fans posting on this site have stated numerous times that the Riders always find a way to lose, so in my surfing I came across some interesting Grey Cup Statistics.

The Riders have appeared in 15 Grey Cup games in thier long history, but have only managed to win 2. That’s 13.3% winning average.

The secondworst team in Grey Cup History? Winnipeg at 10/25 or 40%

Toronto is 15/21 and 71.4%

Ottawa is 9/15 and 60%

Montreal is 7/15 and 46.7%

Hamilton is 15/29 and 51.7%

Edmonton is 12/23 and 52.2%

Calgary 5/11 and 45.5%

BC is 4/8 and 50%

That’s quite a heritage of losing once making the big game. Saskatchewan was the first team in history to appear in 5 consecutive Grey Cup games, but managed to lose all 5 of them.

This is no slam on the Riders, or thier fans, just some numbers I found that I thought I’d share.

Don’t get me wrong I am a die hard rider fan, but for some reason that doesn’t surprise me? One way or another we always manage to find a way to lose.