Everyone seems to be forgetting

That Saskatchewan could have declined the penalty against Edmonton for holding at the end of regulation time. Sask couldn’t catch BC anyway so why would Austin send his boys to OT. Decline the call and end the game. I’m not saying he should have done this in my opinion, but I am sure a lot of people would have.

Why? His job is to win games. If any coach did that, the Home town fans would tar and feather him before running him out of town.

You play to win. Winning keeps the momentum going into the playoffs.

Austin is a competitive coach and he wants to win, regardless of the situation. It should be a huge confidence booster knowing we won in Edmonton with a number of starters out even if the game meant nothing for the standings..momentum and confidence is a funny thing and thats what this year is all about. Austin sent them to OT so they could win, plain and simple...why is this even a thread? You never play to decline a penalty and lose??? As Herm Edwards said when he was with the New York Jets..."You play to win the game. Hello? You play to win the game"

The people that would have can kiss any chance they had at being a professioanl coach away.

Well I don't know, I mean you gotta play the game cause it's on the schedule, but overtime is another matter. If you don't have to play it, why wear out your players more? Again I don't agree with that logic, but some people do. Some people also rest their starters if the game doesn't mean anything in the standings to save them for the playoffs, same logic here.

And then there would have been no contraversy about whether or not it was a holding call.

NO then you would hear fans saying he fixed the game or the fact that just maybe it is his job to make sure his team wins. SammyJ slap yourself I think your dazed and confused!

He already got a lot of flack for not playing some starters. What do you think would happen if he declined the penality and lost the game?

Wear out ur players??? ahahahahahahaahahahahahah....this game built more momentum and energy than you, my friend, will ever understand or experience. Kepp playing to lose, hope it works out for you. javascript:emoticon(':roll:')


You play to win the Game!

Gotta love Herm Edwards!

Any coach that declines the penalty and lets the other team win the game wont have a job for very long-- and if the GM doesnt fire him, he can expect to be joining his head coach as well.

This reminds me of a poster, who shall forever remain nameless who thought it was a great idea to deliberately give the opposing team a good lead so they can get overconfident, then come from behind for the victory :roll: :roll: :roll:

...bet I know who that was!... :lol: :lol: :lol:


That would have been my vote for TSN turning point hands down.

I would have loved to have seen the interview after that... then anoint the league officially BUSH after that.

I know you said that declining the call is not your opinion, but to those who do hold that opinion: please don't breed. :?

Declining a call to lose a game makes no sense in a competitive sport.

It's not that farfethched that Austin would have declined that call. A lot of coaches would have. Just think of how many regulars Austin rested so they didn't get hurt. And not only that I've seen many times at the end of an exhibition game where a team will be down by 7 and score a late TD, and will go for 2 and either win it or lose it in regulation so that they don't have to go to OT. I saw a team in the NFL go for it on 4th and goal, down by 3 rather than kick a tying field goal and send an exhibition game into OT. Since this game was just an exhibition game for the Riders they could have declined the call and avoided OT.

stupidest thread ive ever read.

Even the examples you give are very unusual.
But they were exibition games, not regular season.
But it doesn't take much to realize that in none of the examples you give did a coach actively forfeit the game.
Going for the win by trying for a TD or going for two are the opposite of what you are suggesting which is to go for the loss/forfeit.
If Austin had declined that penalty, people would have been questioning his sanity...

I have to believe sammyj is about 12 years old. And if so, fine. We'll just leave it at "kid, in a couple years you'll know how wrong you are, but for now we're glad you're here."

If he's not 12 or younger, I hope no one lets him eat with anything more dangerous than a spoon, because not all of the synapses are firing upstairs and he could hurt himself....

Well I guess when this happens in a game I am going to be making a few people eat their words...especially Arius. It's just too bad that this situation doesn't come up very often. It might be years before all the elements occur again: team already with solidified playoff position, tie game, penalty on the last play that could wipe out the winning points. I bet next time something like this happens again though there is a good chance the coach declines the penatly. You'll see. Stay tuned

And I'll boldly predict that if that happens, the coach will be fired at the end of the season.