EVERYONE RELAX......Real Football Starts In A Month

I am a ong time ti-cat fan and live only a few blocks from the stadium. However, I am getting really depressed seeing the same crowd walk by my house after each game, hearing the same comments and seeing the same looks on their faces. The only relief I can offer is that the NFL starts soon. I am a die hard Cincinnati Bengals fan and have suffered more with this team than anyone has with the ti-cats. So hopefully all you ti-cat fans have a favourite NFL team that will take your mind off of the devestation that this franchise has created for steel-town. "Are you ready for some football?"

Nterested in the NO Fun League until the playoffs. I'm waiting for them to drop the puck! :rockin:

Not interested in the NO Fun League until the playoffs. I'm waiting for them to drop the puck! :rockin:

I prefer to focus my emotions on the Tiger-Cats. I can identify with them because I went to school in Hamilton.
So I don't ever look for relief with this team....I want to see more progress. But then again I don't see unhappy fans walking past my house after every home game.
The NFL is fine in its own way and I enjoy it but I feel I am just a spectator with no emotional connection to any team. I have been a "Parcell's guy" since the 80's and cheered for his teams but now he is no longer coaching I will have to find another team to attach myself to.
The best thing about the NFL though is that we get football right up until the beginning of February! Now thats relief. :thup:

When Comes to Football for Me I Rank them this way:
(1) CFL and Ticats
(2) NFL and Lions
(3) NCAA and Longhorns
(4) CIS no Favorite Team
(5) Minor Football
(6) Area Philadelphia Soul (Area Bowl Champs)

Much like 'mr62cats' I have no emotional connection with any sports organization other than the Tiger-Cats. Given the league is so exciting this year everywhere other than Hamilton, I've had a lot of fun watching REAL CANADIAN FOOTBALL... which I've missed dearly over the last two years of defensive play.

Yes it seems like the Cats are imploding againg... but on the bright side, we're only 1 win and an Argo loss from being tied for first place. The east is horrible this year.

No, it’s like the the past fews years. As others have pointed out, we’ve been right in those games with the exception of the Calgary game

The key difference here being you can walk to a TiCat game. I’m not sure how people can compare being a fan for the local professional team with one realistically only available on television.

So i guess Jason Tucker wasnt playing "real" football., :expressionless: .

I don't look at it so much as "Real Football" just MORE football. Same as when college ball starts, just more to watch. And as mr62cats said, it takes us to February.

My only problem is I hit the trifecta of team loses last year. My teams in order are Ti-Cats, Miami Dolphins, and the "Fighting Irish", what a sad, sad year! Made up for the 70's in one fell swoop I guess.

Smaller field, more downs. Real football?? Ha!

The NFL is borrrrrrring. Plus, no locally relevant team (thankfully) to rally around.

I'm okay with it as long as there's nothing on, but I'd rather watch the Cats get thumped than suffer through the NFL stuff. Actually...it is good if you want to induce a power nap.

I wish the we'd get our sh!t together on the field to keep people from migrating to NFL games -- 'cause really, its hard to fault them.

The NFL? Zzzzzzz..... I may watch the odd quarter of a game but it does zip for me. Gimme the CFL any day of the week, especially the weekends. :wink:

Glad the NFL season starts soon so I can watch the odd game there and really appreciate the superior game we have here in the good ol' north.

but I'd rather watch the Cats get thumped than suffer through the NFL stuff
8) Now that is funny !!! Good one !!! :lol:

Do you know where you are posting this thread?

I have absolutely zero interest in the NFL. I watched it at one time, when I was about 12 years old because all of my friends were into it. I always preferred the CFL and the Ticats.

In fact, if Hamilton didn't have a CFL team (no jokes please) I wouldn't be watching the CFL either. I don't watch hockey, basketball or baseball because I have no connection to any of those teams. I'm not some sports junkie who sits around flipping from one sport to the next just looking for a fix. CFL football is special to me because I grew up watching the Cats at Ivor Wynne. So you can stick the NFL where it's unmentionable to say on this board. Not interested.