Everyone please say 60,000

I want everyone to say 60,000. Say 60,000

okay you’re next… say 60,000 yell it if you want

Can’t say 60,000, BC Place only holds 56,400. But, for the Western Final I will say…56,400!

How about we say 59,157 which is what BC Place actually holds for football.

That was the first number (59,160) I saw in an older stats book. But I thought some seats were removed and the numbers shrunk to 56,400...Maybe 59,400, I could have the six and nine mixed up.

60000000000000000000 lol is that good enough 120? lol

it could happen for a western final...let's fill the place!!!

Last year's WF was awesome!!!

My son and I bought cheap (7-11) tickets and were down on the first row in the end zone.

We both left without voices but with memories to last a lifetime.

Get to it if you can people, you won't regret it.

59,157 was the announced attendance for the 2005 Grey Cup, and that was announced as a sell-out.
Now could they have slightly different configurations for the Grey Cup?

No they don't bring in temporary seating . There isn't any room except at field level , which they don't do . Seating is really cast in concrete , literally . They don't need more , 59 plus is a pretty big crowd.

We can do it. Man if it was soldout for the west final that would be awesome. 60,000!!!!

URRRR... Nov 18th 5pm Canucks vs. Flames at GM place. Probably a depleter

They booked an NHL game in Vancouver at the same time as the WSF? WTF?

They booked an NHL game in Vancouver at the same time as the WSF? WTF?

The Western final, which will effect the lions game a lot.nobody will wnt to go down town in that area because of so many people down there.

this ain't good enough... I need you to yell 59,000 at the top of your voice

Well go ahead , I didn't hear you.

Well it still happens after the Lions game, and i highly doubt many people will even be able to get tix to the canucks except like a hundred on game day. It wasn't like this in 2006 when we got 50,000, but hopefully people can figure out the difference between Western Final, and Regular Season. Personally, even though i like the Canucks more than the Lions, i'd much rather go to the western final than a 1 month in Regular season game.

We'll have plenty of time to watch Canucks after the Lions are done, plus they need our supports. We should really sell out this stadium, it would also say a lot about our city having 80,000 people in two stadiums. Some lame traffic is worth it for that game. Espescially if its BC vs Saskatchewan, could u imagine if it was the Stamps? Two calgary teams in vancouver at the same time, man that would suck if we lost both games.

Don't get ahead of yourselves. First place isn't locked up yet for the Lions so it's kinda premature to say the game at B.C. Place is going to be Nov 18

Don't get me wrong, I'm really hoping the game is on Nov 18 but don't want to jink it for the Lions. Either way, I would chose to the Lions game over the Canucks. Western Final over game 16 or so of 82. Give your heads a shake if you would rather go to hockey game

If no one wants to go down town, who are all the people down there? What a club head.