Everyone needs to look at the big picture

Sure it's hard to watch the team struggle, but with this season lost I think we should all try to look beyond the next game. Personally I will renew my season tickets just because I think having Casey is huge and he can orchestrate a quick turnaround. But one player does not a team make. There are pieces to work with like Lumsden and Armstead, and Canadian receivers like Ralph, Bauman and French are useful. The O-line is young and key members Hudson and Cheron haven't been healthy. Give them a chance to grow together, although the play of the tackles has to improve.

The coaching staff has to be revamped. Taaffe will get another shot, but he took a huge risk by employing coordinators with little or no CFL experience and that has failed. Hire some impact assistants who understand CFL football. Watching game plans unfold under the current regime is painful on both sides of the ball.

Lastly, GM Marcel must stop being so arrogant and take some ownership of his own short-comings. No person makes the right move everytime, but if you make a mistake--learn from it, don't try to justify it.

And lastly looking to the future, I really wish I didn't have to listen anymore to how we're are trying to be like Montreal. Let's try being Hamilton, which means smash mouth, blue collar, blood and guts football. I almost puked watching Tay Cody giving Charles Roberts a hug during an injury time-out. Save that for after the game, because when you step on the field and there's time on the clock I expect you to try and ring his bell....not pat his behind.

I agree. But Cody shows intensity when the clock starts, so I would be criticizing him. The defense overall showed alot of intensity, especially early on. Marcel should not have released or traded so many players at the start of the season(too many to mention...you know who you are).

I can agree with your comments about Cody and any other player who hugs, pats, etc an opposing player during the game. I agree, save it for after the game. However, I am looking at the big picture and it isn't pretty. Personally, I think $500,000 for a QB is way too much, especially when a couple of the top QBs are earning far less. When there is a team cap, that give you very little $$ to bring in quality players.

Casey is making Ricky Ray type money and is worth every dime. If you can't see how important a quality QB is to a winning team, you haven't been watching the same team I have for the last few years. Don't get hung up on Casey's salary, because it's supply and demand, and we had to outbid other teams. Casey is young, talented, and proven in this league. Watching the team's futile efforts to find a successor to Danny Mac, as he started to slide with age was painful. Big picture move in signing Casey and I support it all the way.

I strongly doubt that out GM is getting rid of players without recommendations from the coaching staff. Wake up people! As for the GM's arrogance, I disagree. I think Cager has a hard time making the distinction between arrogance and truth. What you hear is what it is! I've heard many interviews on CH and I must say that he appears to be very honest and straightforward. Unfortunately, some people have a hard time with that. IMO, I would rather know the truth than hear a bunch of lies.

It's one thing to state your opinion and be honest and straight forward with your team. However, when you haven't even stepped on the field for a game, what give you the right?

Ditto, unless of course, for some strange reason, Ricky Ray could play for Hamilton.