Everyone loves the CFL except Toronto

Since we talk about accuracies on this board . Kelly wrote in the National paper the Globe and Mail - title

Everyone loves the CFL except Toronto- It's time the league forgot about wooing Toronto

It's not the article's negativity it's the inaccuracies . This a national reporter writing like he just woke up from a dream .

He keeps telling the reader the Argos are purchased by MLSE .

He tells the reader that MLSE bid for the Buffalo Bills and MLSE bought them because the NFL said they had to keep the Argos afloat during the bid process.

These are common knowledge ; they are false .

The Argos were purchased by Tanenbaum and Bell NOT MLSE .

The bid process for the Bills was already done and lost when the sale went thru late #1 and #2 it was the Rogers family , Tanenbaum and Bon Jovi who bid on the Bills not MLSE .

So you have a writer who lives in Toronto and does not get the fundamentals right in a story that is going on his own backyard how can the CFL win .

If MLSE actually bought the Argos we probably wouldn't have had the Pizza Pizza story is the actual story he should have wrote .

Oh look... A NEW poster is starting a negative thread about the CFL.

Heaven forbid, we get a week without one of these. ::slight_smile:

this isnt a negative thread about the cfl, but about a cfl article and its poor attempt at journalism
come on buddy. :slight_smile:

The article is a year old.

If I have seen it once, I have seen it a dozen times. New poster, negative thread, poster disappears. Oh, well...

Yes Kevin.

I have lost count how many NEW ( ahem ) , posters join and post 1 negative comment.

I get the feeling it is 1 person joining many times or a few RPB's pissed off because they have to share a Toronto owned stadium.

This post is a repost from last November's response to the Pizza Pizza scandal and Kelly's mistakes in the globe and mail . It is not negative it's defending the CFL from bad journalism . You guys need to read the post before commenting . Not sure why Petertohen is reposting BigJoeM's post from November 2016 . Maybe he dislikes Kelly . Not sure why he reposted a thread from last year .

Reposting without citing source, but including that title. I think the motivation for the post is clear. This thread will be locked unless the OP can PM me a good reason to unlock it.