Everyone Have a GREAT Grey Cup weekend!!!!!!!!!!!

We'll be starting it with snow at home and a trip to Oshawa GO. In three hours we'll be in TO to let the party begin.

If you're going or watching on tv this is always a very bitter sweet weekend. Great fun but then the season is over.

Hopefully the offseason starts with a firing or two in Toronto. haha.

Go Stamps Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll drink one for everyone who posts on here. Cheers!!!

I will be in my chair from 1pm till the end of the game or me.lol

You are cheering for the Stamps ?? A good eastern boy , wow, your wifey didn't have anything to do with your choice of teams by any chance . :lol:

We have a family wedding Saturday which of course is the main hightlight of the weekend but I am looking forward to the game Sunday. Still can't decide who to cheer for. Stick with the east and Burris (who sometimes gets under my skin) or cheer for the Stamps because they have been the best team all year and deserve it. Plus having suffered that tragedy of a murdered teammate has me seriously looking upon them in a more sympathetic light.

And its not like you can choose a team based on the colours you like better. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully is a great game and O-towne pulls off the miracle.

Shouldn't say that as, I lived in Calgary for almost eight years and half my family is from Medicine Hat.

Always seems to be cheering for the underdog...


Well being as I'm the 5th poster on this thread yer officially looking at drink number #5 there Argo Boy !!! :cowboy:

Here's hoping even though yer an Argo fan that you indeed have a GREAT weekend......Bottom's Up to the Grey Cup and to the CFL :smiley: 8) :rockin:... There's only 1 team in the East that I cheer for in the Cup and If my Cats ain't in it , I always cheer for the WEST no matter who the team is. So with that being said......What can I say but......................................

WIN IT FOR HICKS.......Number #31 on the field BUT #1 in our Hearts. :thup:

Well, I'm cheering for the Big "O" ....

Quality organization :thup:

Calgary wins easily. But halftime show will be good.

Have a great GC weekend to you as well. Your argos will be in the news next week when they fire and hire new coach