Everyone go to this site

everyone go to http://groups.msn.com/CFLtalk its a great site! please join and tell all of your friends. and u dont have to give out personal imformation to join! :smiley:

Atleast 5 better CFL Sites than that.

Sorry, but true.

Hey go to that site and tell them to come here

i understand u strike 3 but just join and tell ur friends, it is easier to join and u dont need any personal imformation

Why go anywhere else when the best CFL fans are right here?

join it it will grow, please

whats in it for you?

im the manager. and maybe if u join il make u assistant manager of the site

Selfish and can’t spell, sure I’ll help you out. :?


Sorry Brandon_boy2, I think I prefer this site. I like the fact that you have to provide personal information. That way you are more accountable for what you say on this forum because it probably makes it easier to suspend people if they start going wacko like a few have done before.

not against anyone, but this site can only be described as the ottawa of CFL fan forums…13thman is much better, and so are each of the individual team fan sites.

So many people need their fifteen minutes glory. They just want to rule the place. I don’t know why we should disperse on other forums… just to repeat ourselves? Nahhh…

I don’t even take part (or at least not much) in the team-oriented subsections on this site because I like to share opinions with everyone. And where else should we establish ourselves than on the very site of the CFL?..

It took me this long to figure out this site…why would I change?

I like this one…I’m used to it!

u should try 13thman or another team site Sportsmen, there usually more advanced, have better and more reliable news, and more features

haha it doesnt take u long to figure it out u will get it right away but its up to u

right on :smiley:

no kiddin… my computer is sooooo horribly slow that if i join another form it will take me 5 hours to post on everything then my costomary 3… god i hate my computer

I’m not loved on 13th man I knocked TO to much and they jumped on me, well I still don’t like “The Center Of The Universe” It seemed to me it was a place where a few thought they ran the site, and some used it as there personal sales site for there little business enterprises, which rubbed me the wrong way! :twisted:

Shadow… Once Alberta and BC Seperate, You will be invited to the new “Centre of the Universe”! We’ll welcome you with open arms!