Everyone Cool Down

I'm just as frustrated as the next guy. Nothing worse than paying to watch your team stink up the joint. But really, what were we expecting this year? I think even the most optomistic fans were hoping for an 8-8 season, and many even had us finishing with only 2-3 wins!
Bottom line is this is the CFL, all we have to do is finish ahead of BC and TO, and go on a 3 game win streak at the end of the year. We all know we have the defence that could mamnage that, and we have a couple months here to get the O up to par. Lots of time left yet!

I expected us to do better than last year. I have said this many times. Berry was not the problem. The problem with the Bombers is the front office. In particular Lyle Bauer. It is time for him to go. We need a new direction. As for winning a few games to make the playoffs. That just does not cut it. If we only win 5 or 6 games we don’t deserve to be in the playoffs. Stop fooling yourself.

I thought 9 and 9 was realistic, this was assuming Lefors would at least be decent. But with him #$#@ the bed. The Bombers will be lucky to win 7. That won't be enough, as the 4th team in the west will cross over, with 9 or 10 wins.

I agree Berry wasn't the problem. I was pretty surprised when he was dealth his pink slip.

A slow start was expected, but not a plunge like this. I'm ashamed keeping my car flag up :oops:

Well, we never win in Calgary, so that loss shouldn't surprise anyone, and Montreal always blows us out at home at least once a season.

So what's all the excitement about again ?

And we haven't won the Grey Cup in 18 years and it wasn't happening this year. Just hoped for signs of life .

After all of this they'll probably win Friday and everything will be fine again.

It's only wishful thinking the Bombers will win. Kelly has no idea what his game plan will be. The morale is at a low point. Maybe a visit from Asper on the sidelines can stir up the pot a bit. Kelly needs a dressing down in full view of the public.

How about this: "You bums better win this week or else I'm not firing your coach."

ROFL! That'd be enough to get me going :stuck_out_tongue:

It sure is not a good sign when after 7 games we are already talking about backing into the playoffs. So we get in bacause we are not quite as bad as two other teams. Then we end up in the same results in the semis as we got last year.

We are getting ready for our 8th game and the coach now freaks out because the receivers are not where they should be. These players have some intelligence so why are they still unable to understand the system? It is very hard to cool down when you see your team on its way to another dismal year. I was willing to give Mr. Kelly time to put it together but it would appear his talk does not translate into a walk. I do not question his dedication to the organization but I have to worry about his inability to acknowledge that the game has changed.

I also worry a lot about the way he treats the fans that do not agree with him. Fans are a rare commodity and the organization should be mindfull of that fact. He has to be able to take the negative even when it might be unwarranted. We all have had to do that because we were expected to do so.

So... It is very hard for me to cool down. Should Mr. Kelly become a star coach, I will be the first to take back every word and give credit to him plan.

Did you hear Mike Kelly on the coach's show on CJOB last Monday. He spent a lot of time berating the fans who called in. It seems many do not agree with his style. Kelly was very beligerent and hostile towards questions concerning some decisions he made. One fan questioned him why he had released so many talented players from last year's team. Kelly's told the fan that it was none of his business. I was shocked at how much he thought of himself. If you want to hear this program. Go to CJOB on the web and you can click on audio vault. insert time as 7:00 P.M. on August 17.

Okay, so if you always thought Bauer was the problem, why would you expect us to do better than last year?

WISHFUL thinking on my part.