Everyone but Eskimos and Alouettes fans

Okay. All Esks and Als fans shut up now. This question is not directed for you. We already know your answer.

All the others, who will you cheer for in the Grey Cup game, and why?

Montreal. Hate the Eskimos.

Edmonton…Go West Go!

I hope it will be a good shoot out as it was in 2003 in Regina.

Montreal 32
Edmonton 28


go team go!!!!!!!!!!!!lol..............

Montreal, this GC is for the Expos, I love the East better than West, and I hate Edmonton.

Edmonton doesn't deserve to win...Montreal ALL the way.

I will cheer for Edmonton.My second favorite team.My husbands favorite.
If the Als win I could live with that.As long as riders don't ever see a cup again.
Once again Montreal.Thank you for shattering riders dreams.We will see you next year Montreal.

Montreal...Only because Toronto handcuffed me in the fsn playoff pool by losing (i'm 23rd out of 3700!!)...and i can't pick an edmonton quarterback because they might get pulled.

And...no matter how much I'd like it to happen, they both can't lose.

The Refs. I am seriously thinking about buying a striped shirty to wear to the game. I hate both these teams. But if someone has to win, I would rather my buddy Jeff Peircy on the Als wins the game, and gets a ring in his rookie season.

Tough call, but I'm gonna go with the Eskimos since I still can't stand "The Don".


Boy some thanks
Rooting against us :lol:

im cheering the HABS...i mean, ALS

ABET - Anyone but Esks / TO.

Pardon me? And the Riders deserve to win? Why exactly do the Esks not deserve to win? They earned their spot. Typical crap from the Riders fans. At least most of the posters that hate the Esks are honest enough to admit that they are narrow minded lemmings when it comes to the Esks and hate them, cause well they are just too good and we hate teams that consistently do what our teams don’t. WIN, period.

You can’t even seem to admit that. No matter, my team is playing for the Grey Cup and yours is done. I would have thought that this nonsense was over and maybe you folks over there could post something that resembles football knowledge. Guess I was wrong.

Although from the East, gotta cheer for the Eskimos. I just hope it's a good game.

I agree Edmonton deserves to be in the GC, the only reason that they didn't get 1st in the West was cuz they lost to Calgary, but they best both them and BC in the POs. They deserve it, 100%.

for all of you out there....dont you think edmonton won enough grey cups?

....next sunday all in harmony go als go!