Everybody just chill out

This is only intended for the irrational Rider fans, (as a rational fan you already knew that).

Every time the Riders lose a game, so many Fans go onto radio shows and internet forums and crying to their friends about how the sky is falling.

I tried to start this thread before but it kept deleting for some reason.

The fact that anybody is calling for Durant to be pulled, is ridiculous. Durant is our QB. He is not going anywhere! Stand up for our team.

Get emotional if you want, but don't go crying about how our days of success are over. Losing simply means more faith, not less!

Durant is the man! He will take us to success. Believe.

Maybe changes are in order but just chill out.

Losing sucks, but the good news is the coaches and players feel even stronger about that than you do.

I don't think the sky is falling, or that we need to find a new starting QB. I would have agreed that Durant could have been pulled in the last game as he was ineffective. A fresh set of eyes couldn't have hurt.

I wonder how Montreal fans feel right now about the lack of playing time for their backup QB's?

maybe some rider fans need to take a step back and realize the riders arent as dominate as some think.

not saying they are awful or anything, hardly... but.. they arent as good as the hype they get thats for sure.

the d is not impressive at all.

Hey everyone, the sun did come up this morning!!!
But seriously, they played poorly with only one scoring drive. Not Roughrider football but there are more games to win.

Gotta agree I was choked after the Edmonton game and I complained about our coaching but calling for durants head rediculous, some would rather put Dinwittie as the starter? Yes Durant could have been pulled but I also heard another poster say Durant never gives up thats who we want starting the game. I would rather we played a crap game now not at the end of the season. Coaching needs to stop forceing the ball to Prechae let him grow slowly and use the weapons we have there the best in the cfl. The team will come together give them time.

Most of the people clamouring for heads to roll or radical changes to be made are the first people to stop supporting the team when things go bad. They may help our bottom line when things are going well, but I don't consider a lot of them fans.

If the boys play like this at the Banjo Bowl, there will be no "W". the Stamps must be licking their chops as they head to Mosaic the week after the Banjo Bowl. The Riders have to play MUCH better next week.

I took a bunch of knuckle sandwiches to the chops defending the Riders from 1978-88, so I am not a bandwagon jumper. Coach has to be willing to pull Darian for a few series to for him to see what is going on when he is struggling. IF this play continues, the Stamps will make hamburger of the Riders the week after the Banjo Bowl.