Every year the same thing????

I didn't really have any issue with the reffing. The thing I notice though is the "rubs" and quasi picks that other teams receivers do against our defenders. My real complaint about this is....we don't seem to employ this strategy. And maybe we should. It certainly seems to open up some space for the receivers.

My problem with the refs is that they almost always get in the way of the game. Calling interference penalties at times and then at other times letting them go. Calling off sides and holding penalties and at other times letting it go. Calling penalties that had nothing to do with the outcome of the play... And my favourite, calling no yards because the Ticat player only gave the opposition 43/4 yards intstead of 5.
It really takes the momentum out of the game when the refs are calling a penalty on just about every play. If they let these guys play the game, instead of trying themselves to be the stars of the game, it would be much more enjoyable to watch.
Whether they are calling for the Cats or against the Cats -just be consistent and get out of way.

I agree, officiating in the CFL is totally inconsistent. Game by Game, game within a game. Some late hits not called, so late hits of minor nature called. Just give us consistency every game. Surely refs have discretion on calls, so use some judgement and only penalize things that are really penalties.