Every year the same thing????

It seems every season the Ti-Cats play more and more inconsistent just like the CFL refs like Kim Murphy in last nights game in Regina. It's okay if the Rider Defenders get a late hit on Kevin Glenn and give him a case of bruised ribs however when Montez Murphy hit Darian Durant in the head an knocks his lid off the refs like Kim Murphy throw the flags. I for one enjoyed the aggressive play of Montez Murphy and would like to see more of our defenders get angry and knock the QB's on their butts, it's too bad he got up b his head on the hit but that's football, it's a game of hard hitting action. The one big problem I have with the CFL is the crappy officiating from guys like Kim Murphy who happens to be a Hamilton native, but in every game that Murphy refs when the Cats play he calls a crappy game??? Penalties should go both ways 50/50 they say on every offensive series you could call at lest one guy for "Holding" the interference calls were all against Hamilton although I counted at least four that could have been called against Regina, but NO, Kim Murphy decided that he would simply call the Cats for all Penalties and help the Roughies gain an extra ten points in the game.

If this was the NFL or an American Football town an inconsistent ref like Kim Murphy would be run out of town for how he calls a football game. Oh it's okay for fans to throw beer on a CFL player like (Arland Bruce), I saw a similar action in the NFL about fifteen years ago at a Buc's game in Tampa, the ref there had the balls to call the home team for a delay of game infraction and a ten yard penalty. If fans act out of line in the course of a football game just penalize the home team.

In Regina it happens all the time, the fans who participate in this action are a bunch of low life who should be shown the gate and banned from entering another game again, I guess in Regina's defense that would mean half of the fans in the stands would be asked to leave???

Try calling a Balanced Game next Hamilton plays and you have the privilege to referee, Kim Murphy!!!

Eat Em Raw, Hopefully next time Ti-Cats, Winnipeg is next, maybe we can beat the Bumbers again?????

8) Montez Murphy of the Cats you say ?? :roll:
 He hasn't been with the Cats since last season, and he was released during the off season !!

 It was Demonte Bolden that knocked the lid off of Durante last night, and took that penalty !!

And by the rules, he deserved it. Hard to deny it was a hit to the head when the helmet came off. I don't think he was aiming for the head - Durant appeared to duck in an attempt to avoid the hit - but that's where he hit him. And the rules are quite explicit when it comes to hits on the quarterback.

8) I am not arguing the penalty !! Just stating that Montez Murphy wasn't the guilty party since he is no longer a member
 of the TiCats !!     <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->  <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

The hit on Glenn wasn't late. Unfortunately for Glenn, two defenders came through clean on the blind side and he got nailed underneath his right arm as he was throwing.

Oh give me a break.

Being critical of the penalty calls or non-calls may be a time-honoured tradition among CFL fans, but it is like blaming your buddy because you didn't get a girl's phone number. Weak excuse.

CFL officiating has a tendency to be equal-opportunity awful. It's part of the game - deal with it. We lost because of crucial mistakes upon which the Riders capitalized. We had more than enough opportunity to take that one, and failed. Complaining about the refs won't make it any easier to deal with.

I don't know if it was me but watching the roughriders recievers it seemed on many times they could have been flagged for offside any thoughts

Yeah. I also notice the same thing with our receivers, but the refs tend not to call it unless it's especially blatant. Kind like holding. :smiley:

Unless it's ABIII, then they'll call it every time. :wink:

8) Oh yes, I noticed that also and commented on it during the 1st. quarter.
 It was always the wide outs and slotbacks that were over the line at least a full second before the ball was snapped !!
 It was pretty flagrant at times !!

This game boiled down to four plays.

One, Maurice Mann's tip ball INT. He needs to catch those passes.

Two, Dave Stala's tip ball INT. He needs to catch that pass. I'll give him a mulligan because never drops anything.

Three, Chris Bauman's drop. There is no excuse for any Receiver at any level of football to not make that catch. This drop sets up...

Four, the Palardy block. This was an avoidable error which makes it even more maddening. He could have side stepped the defender and still got the punt off.

Those four plays were the difference in the game. I am normally very critical of the refs, but they played no part in this one. The Cats simply made more errors than the Riders. If even two of these don't happen, we might be talking about how the Regina drought has ended.

The penalty on Bolden was well deserved but them not calling pass interference both ways was very frustrating for me.

We have to execute our plays better, it is costing us wins. I agree to many dropped passes, also to many missed tackles.Got to get better REAL FAST, or it will be along season.

I think the funniest part of this thread is the fact that Montez Murphy is actually on the Riders practice roster.

I agree with the way you saw it. And, for that reason (Durant ducked after Bolden had committed), I don't think it should have be a penalty. Not sure if a situation like this one is reviewable, but I think it should be.

WAH ... the cats lost suck it up buttercup stop the whining .. its always the refs fault when they lose ... whose fault is it going to be if they win ?

Totally agree. I didn’t see the usual blatant lop-sided reffing this game. Sure we got called for interference a couple of times, but they were deserved, especially the screening - Shivers was totally beat and he knew it, so did the only thing he could to prevent the TD. And the offside non-calls on the receivers went both ways.

I would also include Johnson’s interception in the list, unless you’re just listing the ones that cost us the game. If he doesn’t make that interception, it’s three or seven the other way, and the game wouldn’t have been as close as it was.

I was just listing the things the Cats did that changed the game. JJ’s pick was huge, and not to sound like a homer, but that was good pressure by the line which forced a bad pass by Durant. The mistakes by the Cats were all self-inflicted, whereas JJ’s pick was the Cats taking more than the Riders giving.

The screening call was legit, I just think it’s a stupid rule. It also happened in the Bomber-Stamp game and wasn’t called. I know the officials get ripped A LOT, but my problem with them is not the calls they make, but the lack of consistency in the calls they make from game to game. If it is a penalty in one game, it should be a penalty in the other games. But for anyone to say that the Tabbies lost this game because of the refs, well, they must not have been watching the same game I was.

Funny how Palardy's blocked punt was caused by Palardy dropping the snap. Gives these four all one thing in common.

Maybe the coaching staff should take that into account during the next few practices.

While I'm not letting Palardy totally off the hook for that one, the snap was horrible. He had to take a couple of steps to the left to even get to it, so not a surprise that he dropped it. Once he did drop it and pick it up, however, experience, even CIS experience, should have told him to look for and try to avoid the rush, and then kick it, or maybe try to run for the first down if most rushers have already turned downfield. So the block is still down to Palardy.