Every thing for a buck in Ticat Land!

How annoying is the Scotia Bank stuff that pops up when you go to the ticats or cfl sites?


I am feeling shortchanged! I don't get that popup.

Maybe I need to install some spyware?

:roll: You use Internet Explorer, don't you? :lol:

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

[url=http://www.getfirefox.com]www.getfirefox.com[/url] :wink:

I use Firefox and get it too

Its not spyware. I got it in Firefox, until I just turned on my pop-up blocker. And it's not a Ticat only promotion. It's the whole CFL.

I believe it only appears once a day but I will look into further.

Once a day or not... YUCK.

C'mon. We deal with advertising EVERYWHERE we turn at the games and we don't complain. We don't complain about other ads on the website.. we understand the need to pay the bills. I draw the line at pop-ups, they are the most irritating advertising strategy created in years.

Obviously, you're not familiar with spam? :wink:

Obviously, you're not familiar with spam? Now, THAT'S the most irritating advertising strategy created in years. :wink:

I dont get any popups, but then i have a firewall and all the necessary optional extra security features

It's not a "popup" per se, but it feels like one. It's a flash animation that is embedded in the ticats.ca and cfl.ca home page.

Here's a link to what it looks like:


I use Firefox. It does appear to happen the first time I load the http://www.ticats.ca page or the http://www.cfl.ca page. reloading the page makes it disappear. But as mentioned, it probably returns the first time I load those pages tomorrow.

It's funny - at home I can see the "close" option, but at work I can't. There is nothing more annoying than a pop-up that won't close and blocks your view of the site. But if it closes easily I don't really care.

I dont see it at home or at work. I must be special!

I hate popup advertising too…I hear about all of these great 3d effects in Vista, but all I can think of is ‘great…another way for them to be annoying’.

I didn’t know there was a pop-up. I’m using Firefox 2, and I don’t even get a notification that there is a pop-up there.

Good point. Ok.. pop-ups are the second most irritating advertising strategy created in years. Spam is first.

I’ve never seen this.

Up to date firefox with adblock and the g.filterset update thingamabobber extension

Is there a 1.50 service charge every time I read the popup? Can I consolidate a whole months worth for a 12.00 fee? :roll: