Every team have a chant?

Unfortunately, I haven't traveled around our great country to see other teams stadiums with the exception of that blackhole they call a city north of Hamilton.

Im wondering what chants do other stadiums have.

It's Oski in Hamilton.

I know that the Arholes have a guy yell Argos over the stadium PA in what I can only assume is to wake up the 5 people in attendance.

Tell me what other teams do.

in wpg, they chant BC SUCKS at every single game :slight_smile:

Do they still chant "North side sucks!" in Ottawa?

Ottawa has a theme song


Is there any purpose to this thread, other than some mindless drive by attacks on the Argo's. Nothing but trolling! :thdn:


The OP should go to the thread I started asking "who really cares if the Argos survive?"
He can post his attacks there.
He will find that he is in the minority based on the responses I got there.

Btw, the Argos have a score song, not a chant, and no stadium announcer yells "Aaaarrrggggooooooossssss" over the PA system.
Perhaps you were the one who was asleep.

And finally, don't come back to Toronto.

Yes there was a purpose. The mindless attack is for everyone’s amusement :wink:

True double blue u were saying don't come back to the previous response???....unfortunately he is right and I live in GTA...I thought with the response after torontos grey cup win two years ago it would change things...it hasn't....the problem with Toronto sports fans is they think they are the centre of the universe in terms of in Canada.

Go out west and u will see devotion to there sports teams....but im sure the old phrase that torontonians use is "its because there is nothing else to do in there cities.....ok fine...then ask other Toronto sports fans what they are doing on the night of an Argo home game....they will tell u not doing anything....

My point is people in other Canadian cities have choices like movies bars whatever...just not as many ...but u can only go to one place at a time just like they do....people of Toronto our very arrogant and self centred...they need to get out and see what other cities do also and u would be surprised...bottom line..if u want to go u will go ....in GTA its an attitude thinking they are always right....

This actually is not trolling. A remark made in passing was used by a couple of posters to derail the thread, who then claim that the OP was a troll.

I will attempt to get the thread back on topic.

Actually the PA announcer in Toronto DOES yell "AAARRRGOOOOS", but not as a cheer. He does it when announcing a first down. I have been to the stadium, and you can even hear it on TV.

thanks Big Dave.

sounds like True Double Blue is not so true. Its pretty well known that's Toronto's thing. they yell argos, and its always followed up with an even louder "sucks'.

That must really echo around all of them empty seats :roll:

Not only do we have a weird original chant with our Oskee Wee Wee - we even have an original fight song that apparently was even written by Ralph Sazio and Jake Gaudar back in the 60's. (Although it rarely is heard in the last few years.) - http://argonotes.com/CFLSongs/Hamilton.mp3

We love those Cats, those Tiger-Cats, The team with the spirit and fight, They'll crouch and snarl and charge and strive To win with all their might! We love those Cats, those Tiger-Cats, We don't mind adversity, For we'll Oskee Wee Wee, and Oskee Waa Waa, Right on to victory!
If you listened to the recording I guess at some point the song may have had the words as 'Whiskey Wee Wee' - because that is the words used in the recording linked above - but as a kid going to Cats games in the early 70's I always remember the words in the song as 'Oskee Wee Wee' as written above.

Ahem, read the original post calling the Argo's, "arholes". I beg to differ about whether this was a post about chants or just an attack on the Argo's. Not derailing, calling a spade a spade.

you sir are a derailer :smiley: . the first 3 posts were answering what I was asking

Well, then, we'll agree to disagree on that.

Back to the topic...

Not a team chant, but I remember going to Ottawa games and at some point every game a chant of "north side sucks" would come from the south side stands. The canopy covered north siders always tried to respond, but could never compete with the more lively, open to the elements south siders.

Anyone attend the home opener and did they bring this old tradition to the new stadium?

Years ago, Miller Lite was advertised with competing slogans: "Tastes great." "Less filling."

At one point they filmed a TV ad where half a stadium chanted "Tastes great!" and the other half responded, "Less filling!"

It wasn't long before that mutated at a real game (at Tiger Stadium in Detroit, IIRC) to "Eat s---!" "F--- you!"

Gotta Love Dave Landry... I am glad he does announcing duties for the Argos. 10000000 times better than Nathan Downer.

Yes. (For the record it is Don Landry.)

I find that particular “chant” odd, as it sounds very much like the type of jeer that home teams use to get under the skin of opposing teams or players.



Pretty much the same tone. In fact, I seem to remember other team fans chanting this exact same “Arrrrrgooooos” in the same tone when playing Toronto. (Are we really sure Don Landry is actually an Argos fan? :o )