every league has it's problems and controversy..

Funny how when stuff happens in the NHL or NFL or MLB or NBA… no one really says much…

BUT oh my in the CFL??

you get comments like “bush league”

blah blah blah blah blah

they talk as if the CFL is the only league to make mistakes, have goofs and do stupid things!

give me a break, there have been many mistakes in all professional sports leagues!

NHL has made some pretty stupid moves… NFL, despite their claim to perfectionism… has made a few good ones!!

same with MLB and the NBA…

you guys have got to STOP bashing the CFL so badly when they make an error.

cfl, NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA make bush league goof-ups? Are you kidding me, never in your life. Our CFL is the only league that ever makes a mistake, you should know that by now, come on! :wink:

I do agree, but most leagues don't have a silly arbitration process that reverses suspensions to render them useless. Gass should sat a game, Jimenez should have sat out at least 6 games and Barranechea should have gotten a game for that play. The most the CFL can do is what they actually did, give him a fine and a slap on the wrist, then say " now Augustine, play nice with your opponents!!"

The most Bush rule the NFL made-up to me is the Ricky Williams rule. No player under NFL suspension can play in the CFL. Sounds to me as a bully, spoiled bush rule. Just because a person cant follow are the rules or makes mistakes he should not be able to play in an independent, non-nfl league.

I dont blame the CFL for this, because I know the CFL was paid for this. Its just the NFL being a bully and bush.

I wonder if that agreement is still binding since the CFL has cut their ties with the NFL now ?

We all know the league is powerless to suspend players now, and that fines are the only option. But it's like Cam Hall said in his quote that got him fined. If the refs had dealt with the incident on the field at the time, such as tossing AB from the game, problem solved.

There was barely a minute left in the game if I remember correctly.

How would that solve any problem?

All it means is the offender gets first dibs on the shower stall and the towels.

All leagues have an arbitration process, the problem is not with the process but with the arbitrator.

That being said I highly doubt that any other league would allow and arbitration who is an admitted season ticket holder of the team's player that he is to rule over

A good point, but that does not explain why Jimenez got his suspension overturned.

agreed, but I still don't think the problem is with the process, just its the arbitrator

It was explained that the arbitrators work by precident. Once the precident was set by the first one, the second one followed it. It'd be hard for a third one to break it now. Hence, you only get suspended if you pull out a hockey stick and smash a ref in the face with it.