Every game is very entertaining!

I have enjoyed watching any game on tv this year.Its a very even field out there meaning that games are alot closer. Is it me or is the talent alot better this year with many teams releasing great players every where. Time will tell for the rest of the season.

that rider / lions game last nite was hard to watch.



When People saw football is Contact Sport
I laugh... and Say No it is a Collision Sport .
Hockey is Contact Sport so is Baseball
Football Hits are More Impactful.

The first 3 week 2 games were all amazing but I do agree about the SSK@BC game. Didn't see it due to blackout but I heard from a friend that went.

Even though the TiCat game was great I think the CAL@EDM game was amazing. Looks like there will be more offense all round this year.

Yes this was an amazing week of football. Go CFL!

Even when Montreal had a big lead on Winnipeg, I found myself still interested. You can't say that about the NFL. And then as is possible in the CFL, the Bombers rallied to make a game of it.