Every eastern team won this weekend........

OK....well, all but one. lol. On another note, does anyone know how old Jake Ireland is? This guy's been around for years.

i heard his godparents were adam and eve :lol:

He's only 52. Dang!!!

He's got to go. He made some pretty brutal calls throughout his career most recenty at the labor day game. That two point convertion was complete! I don't remember all teh bad calls he's made but I know I was pretty pissed at the labor day game.

Are Jake Ireland and Kerry Fraiser related??

December 1, 1946.
That would make him over 60.

He first refereed in the CFL in 1979 after officating our Junior games in the Oakville/Burlington area for years prior.

I had to deal with him first as a player and now every other week when he refs the Cats...

There's probably no truth to the rumour that he's holding on until he's old enough to serve as a Wal-mart greeter.