Everett Golson

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The #Ticats have added quarterback @Everett_Golson5 to the team's practice roster.

Thats a big name.

I remember him leading notre dame to the national championship game against alabama.

I dont like what you read about the guy.

Like what?

Interesting signing, I like it.

Masoli is proof that Austin/Tillman aren't bothered by some off field issues in college. Masoli is also proof that a highly touted American college QB might take several years of practice time before he's really able to make an impact. With all the quarterbacks already here, I think Golson will be sitting around a while developing on the PR.

Didn't see this thread but once again, happy to see a Golden Domer sign with the Cats. He was dynamite at Notre Dame by far best QB they've had in years, hopefully things work out for him here!

Yea yea I know I am posting an obnoxious amount, but just thought it was funny that somehow Golson gets a 7min interview when he likely will be our fourth string QB. Just made me laugh guess the reporters are excited about him joining the team.

It definitely is a good signing, Golson has a pedigree and from his interview seems he is just all in on the Canadian game right now and comfortable learning behind Zach and Jerimiah.

Pretty sure he will back up Soli Jeff dont seem to be progressing well atm

I guess I was thinking moreso with Collaros still on the depth chart but you're absolutely correct. As of right now he is third string with Jacory hurt, and with the way Mathews has been performing it's not to far fetched that we could possibly see Golson take some snaps if anything happens to Masoli. I really hope not but Golson is a baller reminds me of Rakeem Cato for a comparison, still just really happy we could attract a player of his calibre to Hamilton, if he doesn't ever play for the Cats I hope he makes his name somewhere in Canada ...gulp just not Toronto who will be on the hunt for a young QB seeing as they will have to face the two they already groomed for years to come in Hamilton and Ottawa, still scratching my head how Barker allowed this situation to happen.

Doesn’t this guy fumble or throw a pick every time he touches the ball?

Oh yes, that's why they signed him, just to peeve you off.

I'm not peeved. I hope he gets it under control. I'm guessing they signed him in hopes of the same.

Ahhhh not exactly. He led Notre Dame to their first National Title appearance in forever few years back and put together an impressive resume during his time with ND and Florida St. If you were to picture a CFL QB, he pretty much is what you'd think of. I'm bias as hell as an Irish fan but I watched him play a lot of football he can hang in this league.

Notre Dame Stats (2012-2014)
5850 yards, 59% completion, 41 TDS, 20 INTS

Florida State Stats (2015)
1778, 67.1& completion, 11 TDS, 3 INTS


Golson was a neg list player who evidently just decided that he wants to play in the CFL. Ti-Cats worked him out this past Saturday and thought he was worth signing. If Austin thought he was not worth a Practice Roster spot after the workout, he could have just dropped Golson from his neg list.

I am aware? Golson still had to decide to come to Hamilton. In the interview he said it all happened within the course of the last like 3-4 days. Still they had to convince him to come up here and give it a shot, and by sounds of it Austin liked what he saw because he signed him? Not sure what you are getting at?

That doesn't account for the fumbles. Isn't that why he lost his starting job at ND? Not trying to be a negative Nancy. Just trying to get a realistic view of the guy. He is a prototypical CFL QB though.

Yeah, fumbles were a huge problem for him at ND. Although he didn't play every game in his last year at FSU, he does appear to have cleaned up the fumbles.

You can see the numbers in the bottom table if you follow that link.



Golson highlights. not bad. Kinda reminds me of Donovan McNabb.. i hated Donovan

i dont know who #81 is but i want him on our team, he catches everything!

According to Drew, he had academic issues @ ND that prompted the move to FS...

That's why he got redshirted but didn't he come back and lose his starting job due to fumbles and only then did he transfer. I believe that's how I read it.