Ever since Chang went public?

Have you noticed that ever since Timmy Chang went public to be the starting Qb his playing time has been almost zero.I guess our Coach has a grudge and it shows,he has played exactly 9 mins since and the last 2 games zero!I do not believe it is a coincidence,Charlie must surely resent Chang and it isnt because Maas is leading us to victory but the oposite ,1 measely td for a starting Qb in 5 games this year and how many games at the end of the season did they go scoreless.I cannot believe that Chang is not ready as Charlie says but instead Charlie is not ready to give him the ball to Chang because he has stated that Maas is our starter period!Congratulations Charlie for for showing us your ego and letting another season go down the toilet in Hamilton.Maas 's play is pathetic,his teamates know it and have zero confidence in his ability to win us a game.Coach Taffe you are letting us fans down in Hamilton and it is getting ugly real fast.I am a Fan of the tiger cats but l cannot stomach this garbage in front of me ,it is what it is and it aint pretty .No fan should have to endure this EMBARRASSEMENT in supporting their Team.We are the laughing stock of the CFL !!!!!!!

No, I think it has to do with the fact that he came in game 3 and ended up throwing eight or so incompletions in a row. Had he been able to settle down and drive the ball & score a TD, we would have won. Still, I'd prefer if he would start for the rest of the season.

Chang came in with 9 mins left ,down by 17 points 4 th quarter,his second pass a beautiful bomb hitting Ralph Brock in perfect stride on the money,name me one time in 23 games that Jason Maas did that!Dont you think there was a little bit of pressure to be perfect for Chang and he felt it.Now Jason Maaas has had 5 games this year alone to show us something anything ,l guess 1 TD pass is enough and completing garbage passes underneath when you need 15 yards and throw for 5 is called good QB backing.I guarrantee you Maas Zealots that by Labour day he will be out of Hamiltom and it will be to late to save our season!!!!!

Same game. He did it first to Gardner.

IMHO - Maas has not rehabbed from offseason surgery, -But his stats are good and he could be worth a Exp Defencive player , from a team looking for a backup QB,–So far he is not able to lead the recievers ,they are waiting for the ball to arrive,. At this point in the season i agree to put Chang in and let him learn under fire in the Hammer- What ever happened to Keven Eakin???

His salary and the salary managment system would probably prohibit a trade.

Who has room for a $400k salary?

"After the 2006 CFL season, Eakin went right across the border and signed with the "Buffalo Bills, who once again allocated him to Frankfurt. With the demise of NFL Europe, Eakin returned to Buffalo, but because of depth issues (he is currently fourth behind J. P. Losman, Craig Nall, and draft pick Trent Edwards, he is expected to be training camp fodder". Most likely he will get pick up by a CFL team again...............

maas has worked of $111,000 after 5 games,no?.that leaves $289,000- - Defensive players salary of$100,000-- leaves 189k,for a healthy maas in november,. - B.C or Edmonton ???

maas ,s pass to Gardner was a 30 yarder ,not 60 in the air like Changs ,and there was no pressure to win the game like Chang had.

No pressure on Maas? Where have you been?

The defence gave up an easy TD on the opening drive with blown coverage and we were still looking for our first TD. No pressure?

He had tons of pressure and layed a beautiful ball.

So did Chang, and as Taaffe said, it was the only nice pass he threw all game.

BTW, Chang's pass was not 60 yards in the air. I just watched the highlight. It was 48 yards in the air. It was a 71 yard completion that Ralph caught on the 30 yard line and ran in.

Where did you get 60 yards from?

Coach Taaffe also said ON THE RECORD that he LIKES it when a guy shows the fire and determination and the chutzpah to ask to start. Maas has been playing too well to replace with a green rookie. Oh - and Eakin did SFA when given the golden opportunity as well...

Eakin is in the Buffalo Bills camp right now....

Coach Taaffe said something on a CH interview that Timmy Chang looked lost out there.

I saw the same thing and I was hoping beyond hope that he would look better.

He threw a couple of passes at the end of the game against Montreal that were nowhere near anyone ,leading them by a mile.

That is why we are playing our #1 QB now and hoping for slow development of Chang where he can come in and not look lost out there .

Yup! He went out to the public in his VW Rookie and got a parking ticket.

Some of the lucky ones with Hamilton in the past few years were given a travel ticket.

Our number one quarterback ? I guess that 0 and 5 is right on target for Maas 's play and execution so far and l am in favour of his execution out of Hamilton.What are you guys defending ?Maas is 4 and 18 as our QB,enough excuses for his underachieving performance!

ever since chang went public.....maas has stepped up his game.

Stepped up his "game " ,and from what has he stepped out of ? One Td in 5 games and we are winless,over 300 yds last night that was meaningless ,when the defnce will give you 5 yrds when we need 10 yrds.You have to be kidding !!!!!!

Wrong again with the stats. I'll ask again. Where do you get your info from?

He has 2 TDs.

You don't get the numbers Maas gets by throwing for 5 yards when you need ten.

I counted over 14 passes that were 20 yards or over.

I’m struggling here to understand this line of thinking, exactly when and where did Chang “go public”
with his desire to be the starter?
I do recall an article where Taaffe told the media that Chang said he wanted to be the starter but the only quotes in that article came from Taaffe himself and Chang wasn’t even involved in the conversation.

That’s hardly what I’d call going public.

It was said behind closed doors like it should and every back-up in the world is expected to want to start, if not their desire is lacking and they shouldn’t be in pro sports.
I’d venture a guess that Taaffe may respect him more for wanting it than he would for saying he’s happy being number 2 and would rather not start.

You don't know how to count. Most of the 14 were 10 yards or less