Ever notice this?

It on the bottom of the main forum page

Our users have posted a total of 56751 articles
We have 3489 registered users

Yep. And did you notice that the total number of posts of the top 20 posters represents 48% of the total number of posts.

In fact, the top 10 posters account for 36% of all posts. Scary, eh?

On the other end of the scale 2644 members or 76% have 1 or no posts

I was thinking that the most people I've seen online at once was like 16, and some of the names were ones that I almost never see...... not that I'm here all the time, but there are a few familiar names in that list that I now expect to see posting in a good portion of the threads.

Highest ever was 32 on July 6th at 4:02 pm

i average 14 posts per day.

kanga prolly has the most. BUT, he replys to himself 4 times, rather than editing his original post...lol

Methinks it's a shameless way of bumping his own posts to make sure people notice it..... :smiley:

I knew there was a reason I szneed (you know, AHCHOOO!!!) out of the blue! people are talking bad about me behind my back!

But you must admit, I gotten better, and JM, I only do that once per topic.

I sometimes wonder just how many personalities KK has in there......but he really is a good person at heart and I like some of his outside the box suggestions and views...........

Early on, I used to be in the top 10; I think I got as high as #8. But as of right now I'm at #25.

Did you notice, on the bottom of each page, that the site is "designed, developed, and maintained by MRX Associates"? Do you know who owns that company? (Hint: it isn't me.)

isnt that bob young?

cuz this website sucks

I thought for crappy websites you had to look no further than the Bombers site, or the non-"pay to view" version of Riderville.

Yeah, it's a play on the "Mr. X" moniker he acquired as the mysterious unnamed owner of the Ticats a couple of years ago.

And I don't think this web site sucks. There's a lot more on here than there used to be, and the forum is a lot better than the days when you had to wait two or three days, sometimes a week, for your message to appear.