ever hear of a team with no penalties called?

no penalties called on 1 team.it happened twice in 1 yr.the team-argos.the coach-matthews.How can a team play perfect in a game like football?NON-CALLS!!!

When and against who?(other team?)

can't remember other teams.flutie was qb for argos.it still stands out in my memory.don't know where I could find these stats.one game I think was against Ham.,because my brother is a Cat fan and he couldn't believe it.He still goes on about it.

Refs make bad calls, it's a fact of life, but the MON/WPG game was ridiculous, cuz the refs had Reply, and STILL made the wrong choice.

And this has what to do with the question?

to me that sounds pretty impossible...i think the refing should be kinda like hockey
(im a ice hockey ref)..and noone is gonna be perfect..in football, you can call a penalty on every single play (holding is everywhere) and if a team is getting all the penalties called on them, then the refs have to try to find penalties against the other team,to keep it even and give balance to the game

thats the kind of mantalaty that a hockey ref has...you have too look for penalties on both teams..just like ive heard before...THERES 2 TEAMS OUT THERE REF!! lol

Montreal was pretty close last game, when you consider 2 of the penalties they took on purpose before conceeding the safety on the punt......and their oline did not have even one holding penalty against....thats something...

...your last phrases pretty well says it all Pigseye....i think the song 'three blind mice' could apply here... 8) 8) 8)...quite laughable really .. :thdn:

it's a rant, if you want me to mind you our business, then mind mine, please.

The point ro is trying to make, KK, is that you were off-topic. Rant, but rant in a relevant thread.

So? a lot of people make statements on here that aren't on topic with the thread, but that was half on and half off, ok mostly off.

and I'm saying that if he wants me to mind his business, fine, but he should mind mine, unless I ask for his input.

especially here, on the WINNIPEG FORUM!

since when does anyone need your permission to post? You owned the Wpg forum for a while now?

You made a post that had nothing to do with the question that was asked.
I know you need to up your tally but at least stay on topic!

Until then


were u that guy on the Doug Berry show last night? i remember a caller saying that

haha..nah that wasnt me..but i did get on the doug brown show last nite...talkin about jim popp and that rookie ref

Ro, give me 20 laps around Canada-inn Stadium, NOW!!!

you will think twice before you insult me on the Bombers forum!