Even Ti-Cats Players realize we are the laughingstock

Ticat veteran receiver Mike Morreale, who became the ninth Tabbie to surpass the 5,000 career receiving yard mark, said the team has become the laughingstock of the Canadian Football League.

"Let's face it, we were ridiculous again tonight and it was painful. Painful to play in, painful to watch and it's not ending," he said.

Morreale said it's his most trying experience during 12 seasons in the CFL.

And he admits the head coach has had enough.

"Ron is fed up. He doesn't want to talk to us. I don't blame him.

"I've played on some really crappy teams, but we fought through it. We didn't give up and I just don't see it here.

"We're not a good football team. It's plain and simple. People laugh at us. Other teams laugh at us. It must be a joke to play us and until we correct it, we're going to be the joke of the league," Morreale added.

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Not fumbling the football is a good way to help correct things, Mike.

Hey, Lay off Mike. If the playbook called him to run more than 4 yards of the 10 he needed he might not have had to fight and dive like he did.

You can also blame Wayne Smith, he knocked the ball out :slight_smile:

At least Mike was trying for yards and showed like he cared. They had 8 turnovers and that was just 1 where at least there was an attempt to get more yards.

He's the only one who has come out and said the truth about the situation.

Yep, he's still trying out there unlike alot of others.

At least you're bucking the trend and not blaming Lancaster....

Can you imagine if Labour day shows the following…

  • no blocking
  • bad throws
  • no receivers getting open
  • short passes

Then Ron would be in for it, imagine… blaming the players…

If that happens on Labour Day, I suggest they have some back-up stadium security on speed-dial.

When all the coaches people dont like are gone and run out of town or forced into retirement eventually they'll get around to blaming the guys who actually aren't doing the blocking, passing ,tackling, catching.....

Has it gotten to the point where a coach or OC has to INSTRUCT the o-line "hey its 3rd and short you really have to block people on this play"
Or say to a player, "Please dont fumble the ball or throw an interception, its really bad"?

They have to start at the top. The blame goes to everyone in the organization. Someone brought in all these players. So they have to go, someone can't coach the players to they have to go and the players who can't play have to go. But the changes have to start from the top down. Hire a new GM, let him hire the coach and let the coach hire the assistants, then let the coach and assistants evaluate the players.

You'd hope not, wouldn't you, but recent events seem to indicate that SOMEONE needs to tell them.

Whether players should NEED be told how to play or not, if they don't do it game after game, it has to be someone's job to do something about it. And if they don't ...

But when you've reached the level of pro football shouldnt be some things, things so basic, be just understood and left unsaid?
As far as changes go, by the start of camp in 07 we wont recognize this team.
(I hope)

Of course the players know there a laughing stock. Whose better positioned to know than them?

No need to dump on the players. I was part of the crowd that continualy booed at them last game. We've said our bit- 'nuff said. Let's see what happens next week...

A fourth jersey, perhaps? :lol: