Even the Government ...

... is trying to milk the Rider brand: http://www.gov.sk.ca/news?newsId=655ae8 ... 67113ace6f.

Want something to sell in Sask, get the Riders logo on it :slight_smile:

We've been able to get TiCats licence plates here in Ontario for quite some time now. I'm kind of surprised to learn that Saskatchewan is only just introducing it now, given their popularity. Hell, I'm willing to bet that if Ontario gave the option of Rider plates, they'd sell better than TiCat and Argo plates combined.

Just TiCat or Argo plates are available as well?

There should be a Canada wide availability for Rider plates… they are “Canada’s” team are they not?! :wink:

Argos too. Even Ottawa Renegades.

As it's bad form to trash another team in its forum, I'll keep my opinions to myself about "Canada's" team... :wink:

ah, c'mon PiCat, you know we're good for a meaningless debate! after all, It's all fun and games till someone loses an eye! :lol:

And I just made my 500th post with that comment! Crap! I was hoping to say something really awe inspiring with it! :wink:

Be honest, how many of us buy "Brand names"? If it makes the team money, I say go for it, LOL!!