Even Lummer and keith can get 2 yards

I think both could play Fullback and get 2 Yards..

maybe we should call one

Not when blocking assignments are missed they don't.


You let a linebacker of Chip Cox's caliber into the backfield as the ball is being handed off and you're pretty much asking for a turnover on downs.

Spot on...

Stala did'nt do his job!!!

They both Ran over people before ..

? Not sure I understand what you mean, or who you're even referring to in this instance. Care to clarify?

They Both are better at Breaking Tackles better then Cobb ..

I know jess has been working out like mad man..

But the Ticats won't call him

Lumsden couldn't stay healthy enough to play one game of football last season. You bring him in and suddenly you have to mess with your ratio and dress a NI to back him up when, not if, he gets injured. Keith has only been moderately more durable than Lumsden. And I doubt either one could have done much on that play. Cox anticipated the snap count perfectly and made a good form tackle on Cobb, holding him up long enough for the rest of the D to crash in and stuff the play.

I would question the wisdom of any offensive coordinator who lines up Dave Stala to run-block against one of the league's top linebackers. Whatever happened to the jumbo tight end set?

I Respect what your saying Disciplineandpunish
I really think if they are Smat using jess as a short yardage guy
He could be fine

He had a good rest and not had the Pounding on his Body
I really Feel he could help this team as short Yardage back .
Give him 2 to 10 carries no more..
He could be fine ..

Keith was never even given a chance this year..
All cards where with Cobb who is a good back
But is not good in 2nd and short ..

Onknight, I do agree that Cobb needs to play better and be more decisive. I also agree that perhaps you guys need a bruising fullback body type for those short-yardage situations. It's just that on this particular play, I think Cobb was hung out to dry by his OC and by the lack of proper run-blocking.

I can certainly see and respect your point of view, though.

I agree the play call Choise was poor..
but a Short yardage back could only help us..

No question. Who is the Hamilton fullback right now? Nothing wrong with doing the ol' fullback dive if your FB is a big boy who can rumble for the needed yardage.

Darcy Brown I don't he every had a Had off
He is a Converted Slot back

Doesn't sound like he's big and bruising enough to get the job done. Do you guys play with a lot of five-receiver sets, or is your fullback on the field in more than just short-yardage situations?

A healthy Lumsden would be an almost guaranteed Grey Cup appearance for the Cats. I think it's a risk worth taking.

More FB than anything.Think for the most part we use 4 receiver sets.
Drisan James need to go, we have the talent to have a Canadian air force.Matt Carter is a better Bauman, Bauman's okay, Stala dominates, McKay is unreal, Nicolson is okay.

Let's not get carried away here. I think we paid those two enough money NOT to play for us. Cobb can't do his job if there isn't anyone opening up holes or blocking for him. The one thing Cobb has that those two don't is the ability to stay healthy (knock wood). They might be able to get 200 yards in one game, but if one game is all they play for you that year who cares?

I don't think Lumsden, Keith or any other back would have helped on that particular play. I agree with the previous poster on that point.
The linebacker shot through the gap created by Stala's wide separation from the tackle and got penetration into the backfield and secured Cobb almost immediately - before Cobb could accelerate. At that point, the play is dead - I don't know of any back in this league that is going to overcome that breakdown in blocking execution and make a success of that play.

point-set-match: Zontar. This conversation hit the bottom line in one post.

If you take a hand-off and you're facemask to facemask with a linebacker, it doesn't matter who you are, you're gonna get tackled for a loss of yards.

And to make things more frustrating, the replay made it look like the line did a good job of creating a hole at the point of attack, but the quick penetration from the outside prevented Cobb from getting there.