Even Dirk Nowitzki is fed up with Marshall's antics

Heres what he had to say about Marshall.

"He's got to improve in that area and not yell at the officials the whole game."

"The game starts and he's already yelling at [the officials]," Nowitzki was quoted as saying. "He needs to learn how to control himself a little better. If somebody's in your ear constantly. ... I'd be [ticked] off if I were an official."

Where is the link?? When did he say this??
Sorry if I am not up to date, but if he is a basketball guy why is he commenting on the CFL. I googled his name since I did not know who he is.

lmao :lol:

Maybe I've missed something.. but I don't even know who this guy is..


He's the Dallas Mavericks all-star. (NBA)

And Dirk was complaining about Mark Cuban, the Dallas owner. Who quite frankly puts Marshall to shame in the abuse of officials category. For one thing, he's an owner and shouldn't be going on the court to berate officials both before and after games, nevermind during games.

Trying to stir the pot... and it's not even the same pot!

I was hoping that this thread would lead to 28,000 David Hasselhoff hand-masks being distributed for fans if we go 0-6.

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Oski Wee Burlington Baywatch,

lol, Great idea, Caretaker ‘aka’ Bob should get on it right away.

When Bob first bought the club I thought he was going to be the same as Cuban. Not the berating the refs part, but just someone with more cash than he knows what to do with, and just wanted the team to use it to fullfill a childhood fantasy of being a teams coach or gm. I thought he would interfere with everything from player signings to coaching decisions, and roam the practice field like a maniac the way Al Davis does. Thankfully he is not that type owner.

I personally think that Marshall should have pulled a "Billy Martin" and gotten himself kicked out of the game. Actuyally being a guy that has played competitive sports, I can tell you that something like that can really fire up the team. Of course, it would be up to Bob (hopefully) to pay off the fine... lol

I love it when Coaches/managers blow gaskets on the zebras....many time's it's well deserved....

Here's a video clip of the now famous 'melt-down' from last week when a minor-league baseball manager went ballistic on an umpire.....this is great! :lol:


There's someone who needs counselling!!

Hey, that's RookieRawRickyRay !