Eve Of 2017 Season - Most Anticipated Games

What anticipation. :smiley: The day before kick-off.

Myself, the game I am looking FWD the most , is SSK - MTL.

I DO NOT care who wins. I am just excited the most about this one for 2 reasons.

1 - Darian Durant. It will be just to weird seeing him in Red and Blue . Also, will he slice and dice the Rider D ?
Because he is so familiar with the Rider D , he should have a big advantage. Plus the added motive to stick it to them.

However, to Durant's credit, he has not said one bad thing about the Riders. It was clear he wanted to spend his career in Regina. If he does have any ill feelings, he has kept the to himself and just accepted the situation.

2 - Duron Carter. I would like to see him have a big game against his former team.
I do not care what the media says about him. He is a fun and entertaining guy. :thup:

Can not wait to see how the Als fans react when he makes his first catch.

Now the other 3 games are interesting as well.

The Cats - Argos . This could revamp that rivalry . If the Argos look competitive and improved.

The Stamps - Reds Cup rematch. Will Stamps get some payback or will the Reds proof it was not a fluke.?

Esks - Lions. Will the Lions show they are as good as projected , or will the Esks show they are better than fans and media think ?

If I had to rank them I'd say:

Cats-Argos: Biased, can't wait to see my team open the season.

Stamps-Redblacks: Grey Cup rematch, should be a great game.

Esks-Lions: Agree with the OP. It'll be interesting to see if the Lions are legit.

Als-Riders: What I think will be the two worst teams in the league. If it weren't the season opener, I'd probably pass. Will watch because I'm dying for football.

Agree, Als and Riders will finish last in both divisions.

Yet as I pointed out, Durant and Carter make this one interesting.

Well...since CFL week anyways...a lot of people lost a bit of respect for a man they held in pretty high regard that week.

I do second what you are looking forward to overall though.

Honestly I'm looking forward to all of them BUT as I'm going camping and will have to PVR all of them except the Roughrider Alouette game tomorrow, plus with tomorrow being a special day for me in a personal capacity, that will be my most anticipated game to watch.

Expecting another fantastic season......

It will be a fantastic season. More interesting than most.

I say interesting as it is the most unpredictable, with so many teams going through changes.

Have fun on your camping trip. Stay safe.

I'm intrigued by every team. Thanks, I shall......

We'll talk in November... :cowboy:

Yup , tonight's the night !!! Finally , finally the 2017 season is about to begin . :smiley:

Looking forward to watching the season opener tonight between those Riders and Alouettes...............


Let's face it

for me the game tonight and the next two on Friday and Saturday will be mere warm ups and window dressing before the game I'm anticipating most which of course is the final game of week #1 when my Cats invade BMO and lay the smack down on them Argos . :smiley: :rockin: :smiley: :rockin:


Here's hoping that much like last year's opener that there will be a good crowd on hand at BMO and once again the Cats like last year will spoil the Argos party . 8)


Oh yeah Durant will make jones pay today , ? Carter could have a good game, but the riders are shy on q.b. Position

Look at all those true fans of my FAVORITE EAST TEAM, taking over and making it home away from home.

Go Cats Go. EAT EM RAW :thup: :thup: :thup:

The best thing about this is :


4 games in 4 days. :thup: :thup:

I hate double headers.