Evans: Today we got it done

HAMILTON — The Hamilton Tiger-Cats earned their first win of the season in thrilling fashion with a 25-23 win over the Ottawa REDBLACKS to close out Week 6.

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I am a Cat fan - but man they make my heart ache and my stomach flip at times. When Evans fumbled the ball (again) I couldn't believe it - someone needs to sit down with this guy and teach him how to win. His idea of "getting it done" needs work - a lot of work. OK - the Cats won, and I am happy about that - but against a team with their 2nd or 3rd string QB and a defense that was barely itself, the Cats should have won this one by more than a late game two point edge.


Even though the east is what is right now. I’d be treating this season as a rebuild and development season.

There seems to be a lot of forced/making plays where it isn’t necessary.

The basics need to be there before you strive for the huge play. I’m ok w the odd tipped pass or bounced ball, but the fumbles are preventable.

Securing the football and just going down is more valuable than getting another 2 yards only to lose the ball in the process.

Positives include: getting the run game established, showing 2qb packages that actually work, sideline catches they only the receiver can pull down. Goal line catches that were successful. Keep building on these and the rest will come.

"had an inclining that the game may come down..."
"best football platers I’ve ever played with..."
Is it too much to ask for at least some attempt at proofreading?

I gass that provereding is nut in the badjet . :thinking: :astonished:

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Ya, I gassed that two.

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I laugh every time a TSN presenter calls Evans the "undisputed" QB for Hamilton; they say that only when it's him, not other QBs around the league.

I must say the man believes his own hype but Hamilton dodged a bullet yesterday.

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You forgot that Evans also played a “pivotal roll”.

I’m not sure of the perspective Evans has but I don’t think he has anything to be proud of or any basis to be confident. Fumblepotamus. If Masoli wasn’t injured I don’t believe Hamilton would have won. Hamilton also has significant QB issues, in my opinion.

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Don't want to be accused of piling on :smiley:. I expect better from a professional writer, us, not so much.
Well they won, so I won't argue the headline, but squeaking out the win in a battle of basement dwellers was not impressive, to say the least. Neither Evans looked like a guy who would win you a cup, this was more of a turtle derby. Somebody had to get the points, I guess. Neither team can come away from this game feeling too optimistic.

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Hard to fathom all the pre-season hype about the East. Never changes. Hamilton is not only bad but old. As for Evans, how do you not hold on to the ball in that spot in that situation when you KNOW you have to hold onto the ball????

His own player knocked the ball out of his hands. (although that doesn't really change things).

Evans was either amazing, or horrible, depending on the play. He was going for it. Taking chances. Throwing some really ballz out darts. But just as quick as he'd make a great play he'd do something weak (and often bone headed).

He isn't trying to back down, or play with restraint. He's going for it. I hope he can put it together, because the good Dane Evans looked good yesterday. Need more good Evans and less bad Evans.

Very different than Masoli, who was consistently average.

Hey, 2 points for a much needed win
An ugly win still counts as a win
Yesterday they snatched victory from another crushing loss
The other 4 losses have been snatching defeat from potential wins!
It wasn't pretty, but I'll take it!
Now on to BC on a short week and 3 time zones. :scream:

Every spring I look at the teams upgrades & think this year might be a lot closer to parity, finally. Nope. The lop sided standings should improve from here on in, but nothing has really changed. Personally I think letting Masoli walk was a huge mistake for the TiCats.

News flash
Masoli's team is 0-5

And despite that I would pick Masoli for my team. Evans didn't look good in my books, barely beat RB with their back up at QB. I believe Masoli would have beat them & you'd be the 0-5.

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And Masoli’s 3 losses in the full games he played were against BC and Winnipeg (x2). Hardly apples to apples when comparing their competition.

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Don't you already have Collaros
Would you offer Masoli a plum job selling GIC's in the off season for $300K/yr :rofl:

I'm a Lions guy myself, not trading Rourke for anyone right now, even Collaros. I was speaking from a 'if I were the Cats GM' point of view. Evans has to pick up his game, he was lucky to get the win.

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His last scoring drive, bringing a TD on the third down, was beautiful! That's the Evans we need all game.

:canada: Rourke has been outstanding so far
Lions are the team I like from the west(unless they play the Ti Cats)

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