Evans on Ticats' season: 'Nobody flinched'

HAMILTON β€” The Hamilton Tiger-Cats season came to a close with a loss to the Montreal Alouettes in the Eastern Semi-Final.

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I'll bet Hamilton fans wish he'd eaten that Snickers Bar sooner.


I prefer the simple explanation at this time of the football season using the "kiss principle": the Tiger-Cats keep it simple smarty did not have an effective offensive line to start the 2022 season. :kiss:

Well, if that's true then only a few lived up to their potential!
The Tiger Cats Management and coaches have to rethink this team.
They sat tight in last year's off season but better hustle next year.

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What a dumb statement for Evans to make "I was a better husband".
Just discuss what happens on the field, Dane. Being a better husband or not isn't germaine to the situation.