Evans No. 2 On Depth Chart

Sorry, forgot the question mark (?)
....he did have a down field completion and great completion percentage.
[tr][td]D. EVANS[/td]

Just having fun now that everyone is riled up.

You're so scared Masoli is going to lose his starting job it's hilarious.

Masoli has a much better chance of being NO. 2 than Evans does.

Masoli will be a starter.

In Hamilton until August 1st, then Montreal.

I’m worried that Masoli will crack under pressure as his leash becomes shorter and shorter as J football progressses with the CFL game

Masoli has been waiting for a long time to be the starter; here is his opportunity. If he plays well, Jones will be compelled to keep him in as he did last year.
Can't see Johnny being ready for a while; I didnt see too many variations in his passes in pre-season.

If he cracks under pressure he isn't starting QB material.

We are screwed!