Evans New Deal

Absolutely. It is always better to have a backup plan, insurance, or next man up philosophy. That is a large part of the success of teams like the Stamps.

Orlondo was here for both the Collaros and Masoli ACL tears. He knows what can happen and how to mitigate it.

Really ? Having 2 very good QBs may set the team back ? Cat management isn’t going to be robbing

Peter to pay Paul . Obie’s “better is better” philosophy still stands in the Hammer . We are stronger at

QB this year , than in 2019 .

There is little reason to think that most/all of our free agents will not want to come back and finish the

job . A couple of tweaks here and there and were back knocking on the door .

The capologists in the “Balsam Bunker” haven’t failed us yet . * an homage to Ken Peters

Pat Lynch ( no setbacks in 2020)

I still maintain only one of them can play at a time.

We're only a better team if we need two QBs.

We didn't go into last camp with two capable QBs ( as far as we knew) and it worked out just fine.

Not a single solitary person said it was a sure thing. Not. One.

Lots of ways to achieve depth. Signing via FA (Masoli) is only one of them.

We found Masoli, we found Evans, why can't we find someone else at entry level money?

Team put a large chunk of eggs in this basket and it remains to be seen if it's worth it.

Choice was to let Masoli walk and have a huge advantage in cap space. Cats chose to rather have the advantage at QB.

Nothing wrong with the decision today but if both stay healthy all year and one spends 80% of time on the bench the value is severely diminished.

Won't know the payoff till well into the season.

We didn’t find Masoli . We traded for him because Cat management saw his skill set and liked what they saw .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

That’s because quality QBs don’t just grow on the trees at Melrose and Beechwood.

Ask the Argos or Redblacks for proof.

Maybe we can.

Given that Masoli was actually “found” by EDM, as Pat Lynch mentioned … Evans may well be the first starting-quality QB HAM has brought into the league since 1986.

Can’t say either way right now is the exact point. Makes the original bold claim baseless.

The team knows the cap situation and they made the decision based on that. Can you say that our 15-3 season was based solely on QB performance?

The contract was structured to take a minimal hit out of the cap. If Jeremiah starts on the 6 game injured list then it pays even less and we would still have two solid guys at QB for the last two thirds of the season.

We also found Chang, Boltus, McGee, Harris, Matthews,…

The most important player on most CFL teams last year was the back-up QB.

The second most important player was the starting QB (because they didn’t last long).

The Ticats have those 2 positions covered for next year.

Thanks Tommy for stating it clearly and simply .

Pat Lynch (the old ball coach)