Evans New Deal

John Hodge on 3 Down Nation reports the new contract details for Dane Evans . The Cats definitely

have a plan at QB for 2020 and perhaps beyond . Evans deal extension is for 2020 and 2021 .

Pat Lynch (the aged one)

That isn’t an extension is it?

Wasn’t he already signed for this year and next??

The new deal covers '20 and '21, the same as what remained on the 3-year deal he signed prior to last season. More details here:


We are set at QB

Wait! I though there was no way this could ever happen? This season will certainly be interesting. Both QB’s obviously have a lot of love and respect for the team and organization. I do think Dane is the future but want to see Soli win a Grey Cup as starter for us.

Maybe we’re going to rotate QBs like Winterpig did. ::slight_smile:

I think Winnipeg had one QB who can’t throw. But was effective as a change up running the ball.

Don’t think Winnipeg won the Grey Cup due to great QB play.
No need to copy cat their success in this case

That myth was perpetuated by the same forum mob who said that we can’t lose the Grey Cup. 8)

It appears that having two high calibre QBs in the stable was also of paramount importance to the coaching staff. All attained on a great cap-friendly budget that won’t affect other free agent signings.

This is by far the best management the Tiger-Cats have had in decades.

It wasn’t a change up. It was their strength. They ran the ball down our throats and we couldn’t stop it.

Whoa. Watch the over confidence. Do you want us to lose another grey cup?

Thanks for the warning and Pro Tip.

By the way, how’s the Crow Quiche? Have you had your fill yet? Must have had a lot of leftovers again after the Masoli signing.

When you quietly want the Cats to be a loser because its more comfortable it’s never easy, is it ?

I guess we can only know by listening to those of you with that experience?

Like mopey, defeatist posts , complaining about being too cocky during a 15-3 run isn’t a dead give away?

As the sun sets on my “golden years”, I have come to the conclusions that there are no “sure things” in sports contests, and only the bookies make money over the long haul. :wink:

Nice attempt at a deflection… didn’t work.

A lot of great prognosticators in the past.

One learned fellow stated “it will never happen”… wait… what?

“Having both sets back the franchise.” Another beauty.

to be fair with regards to Masoli coming back:

"Never thought it would happen and said so…mea culpa.

Either a shrewd short term move with a hero role reversal or just a repeat of last year…Masoli watching Evans ." - the Dork

Do we know that it hasn’t?

15-3 doesn’t come easy. If we lose a couple free agents because we don’t have the funds, it’s quite possible this was a mistake. None of us know the cap situation and decisions that were made to bring both back.

Can’t say either way right now.

Or maybe having Jeremiah take an FA opportunity, or Dane deciding on an NFL tryout, or a trade of either, could have changed the mix? And, of course, the biggie - one or more critical injuries at a crucial point in the season. Not to forget that 8 other teams are also hoping to improve their record, at our expense.

Lots of variables can suck away any number of those 15 victories.