Evans has got to be better

He's terrible on a broken plays; under threw white 3 times on td passes.

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It seemed like he had trouble stepping into his throws. I think I heard Dunigan say that Dane had a compression sleeve on his plant leg. Evans was not 100% healthy.


Hope that's the case. I would sure hate to think that if he was healthy he would play that poorly in such an important game.

In the win vs the Bombers, a number of pass plays had Evans rolling out to either side to avoid pressure from the good Bomber defensive line, and especially the ends.

This game, you could probably count on one hand the number of times the play was designed to have Evans leaving the pocket, other than when necessary to avoid a sack.

If Evans does indeed have a bad knee/leg, that may have explained why he was less mobile and kept in the pocket. There was play after he was hit where he did look a bit shaky.


Well we do have Shiltz, if Dane is sputtering...


Not sure why we didn’t dress Newman this game. When the first string guy gets dinged up the last thing you want is to run qb sneaks with him.


IMO this was 1/2 half of the season Dane.
Whether that means he is banged up or not I am not sure.
Why not mix in our backp QB?

That intercept on the screen pass, the massive underthrow to Schiltz on a play that looked promising. Missed open guys all night.
He was really bad tonight and the team won despite and not because of the QB play.

Take these 2 points and run.


The one yard run play is Evans top play, perfected it on the goal line while backing up Mazoli !! Evans is a Backup ! Time to give Shiltz the starts v the Stamps and Ottawa.

I wouldn't hate that idea and have Evans ready in the wings.

If Evans is dinged to the point it is affecting his play start MS, and bring Evans in as a change of pace.

My likelyhood to win in Calgary metre is already trending very low.
Get Shiltz some reps and he too would be better prepared in the back-to-backs against ottawa if he was to be a part of that game plan.

If the starter is injured you need to put in the backup

The game was so bad relative to professional teams I turned it off


There was a point in the game when Dane clearly injured his leg. He was hit , grabbed his leg and immediately ran to bench. Not sure when in game it happened (they had me heavily medicated) . I'm still trying to figure why on the windy game of the year Condell decides it's time to introduce the deep ball game plan.


Interesting thing about deep ball was that we used it against the wind early in the game; both balls were under thrown (wind slowed it down).
One we caugt and other INT in end zone.
In 2nd quarter, with the wind we went to shorter passes.
Perhaps, the Sask DBs were daring Evans to throw long in 1st qtr and playing deep in 2nd qtr leaving short to medium stuff open.

Either way scoring 9 pts per half is not going to cut it going forward.

Ok that is it Condell,s plays and play calls, in the old days plays/ playsets were designed to compliment each other, there is no set up no rhyme to one play to the next , at one point they did several running plays consecutive, the last one Sask D line was adjusting, so they change RBs and run again for a loss, it was clear they were ready for a run play, and none of the plays set up the next, ie play action. Then when RB was wide open he is ignored and a pass goes deep to a covered receiver for no gain ! A pro QB should make the right decisions and manage the offence , not throw INTs to D lineman on a screen pass!

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I think this was the first game that we’ve won when Evans has thrown an interception. Not because a single interception is necessarily so costly (although some of them are). More because he sometimes loses composure.

I thought we might have been seeing that last night. Inaccurate throws, and visible frustration after bad plays. On Danny Mac night, no less.

I was wondering if the coaches were going to pull him as they have done in some earlier games after turnovers. Hopefully sticking with him helps boost Dane’s confidence.

Closing out the game successfully was even more important. Some clutch passes were key to keeping that fourth quarter drive going. I especially noted the long sideline pass to Hills which turned into a good gain.


With the new found run game and especially into the wind Schiltz would have a good distraction as he is also a threat to keep the ball and take off himself.

Masoli used to do that very well.
Evans not so much.

If we beat Calgary next game, I can see Shiltz starting the two against Ottawa. That would give Dane time to heal before the playoffs, if he’s banged up.

When ever he plays bad they blame injury. Why is stein starting an injured qb


I wonder why no designed plays for Schlitz too, other than the botched lateral pass to him.

There were at least three sneaks and was wondering the same thing - Newman is a beast! Where was he? Dane shouldn't have been in on those plays.