"Evans & Condell"?

I have been preaching since the Cats let Masoli go that Evans isn't ready & can't handle the pressure...Masoli will come back to haunt us. Well we can't say enough negative about Condell as any kind of coach....I had an eleven year old watching the game with me & was calling the 2nd & short plays for Hamilton before they happened...think about it...if he knows ahead of time, don't you think a professional defense might also? Don't get upset, but I do believe Dane will come along in time, but it's not his time yet.


I was downright p*****d when they let Masoli walk. Nothing like kicking a man who doesn't deserve it to get me on his side. I personally hope he has the Cats number for the rest of his career.

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My friends and I have been watching CFL football for about 50 years

We can’t recall a worst short yardage offence for the Cats in that time. And that’s saying something as we’ve seen a lot of crap in those fifty years

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I still say we kept the right QB with no disrespect to Masoli.
Evans is the first QB that we have had in a long time that we have developed as a Ticat and only a Ticat, Black and Gold are the only colours he has worn in his pro career
IMHO, We have much bigger problems on Offence than QB,
Oline play and play calling come to mind, take care of that and Dane will shine


Grover you are likely right, I sure hope....Like I said Dane will need some guildance...the real big problem is that he needs someone to call his plays....Condell has never come close to what I would expect from a offensive coach....I don't remember very many screen passes or a type of run & shoot, or even option plays to keep that defense guessing. Thank-you for your comment!


I don't know if that performance was entirely on how badly Evans played and more on how 1. good the riders linebacking core was 2. how bad the Ti-Cats O-Line was.

Can't do much when you are getting chased up and down the field on every play. Also the riders do have a pretty good secondary which means you're stuck with screen passes or going to the wide side for a 5 yard gain.

Given some time Evans will be better but that O-Line really really has to play better!

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Yeah o-line not protecting there qb was more the issue, since when Don Jackson helped with blocking Dane had enough time to throw that touchdown to dunbar

Well that was also on a busted coverage...didn't see who did it but my assumption was Marshall as he is either amazing or horrible with no middle ground. I didn't hear much about how well the RB was jumping up and blocking for the blitz but that usually means they weren't. O-Line is that one special place that makes or breaks a team and can also be about chemistry with the QB/RB.

You are so right about the short yardage plays....they were telegraphing their 2nd & short plays...it looked like the Rider defense were in the huddle.

yes but also the Riders have one of the best looking group of defensive linemen that I've seen in years. So some rust from the offense but also a damn good defense.