Evans and Legault Released

Feb. 20 - Winnipeg Blue Bombers release cornerback Omar Evans (5-11, 204, Howard ’00, DOB: Sept. 1, 1977 in Silver Spring, Md.) and defensive tackle Cameron Legault (6-3, 276, Carleton ’98, DOB: Sept. 25, 1974 in Ottawa, Ont.).

gota linK?

I'm glad Evans is gone. Once upon a time I thought he was not bad, but last season it become very apparent that he was the weakest link in the secondary.

Blue Bombers Transactions

Winnipeg Blue Bombers release import cornerback Omar Evans and non-import defensive tackle Cameron Legault.

hey bomber fans, was evans any good? would he be worth a look for my ticat??
also Cameron Legault, was he a 2nd string or wut is the word on him, any good?