well.....i like the private messaging, havent tied it out though...sounds good.
is it just me or is this really, really slow. it takes forever.

P.S. if you were on the Huddle, please tell who you are, just so we know.

woah..i like the bar at the top.

What are the chances of this forum at being very active come season time? I really hope that alot of people sign up here so this forum can become the biggest CFL fan forum.

Oh yeah it is very very slow so far.

Nice work Chris (et al).......I see a few members are saying things are a little slow for them. Seems fine on my end. I've tried most features and so far everything seems to work great!

Good Luck with the new website!

mikey (member #50 ) !!

oh yah, almost forgot.....Go Cats!

painfully slow for now. hope it speeds up. i am sure i will get used to this format but for now i prefered the huddle. nice work on the rest of this new site though! also i had a lot of problems trying to register. i am sure that is due to still needing to work the bugs out.

Oh Good....I thought it was just me. I hope I can change passwords. The one the site gave me is sucky!

I'm releived to hear everyone else is having speed problems here...I thought it was my Gerbils in the computer!

ya...my old password was Kvlvntsj. and i was like holy cr@p...this isnt happening.


is this from the last page??

This is a post from a year ago Billy.....I t reappeared!

ya I realize that. but obviously jman dug it upo. I was just wondering if this was from the VERY last page when he dug it up